Romwe, Sheinside, New Ageha, & job searching! pic heavy!

A lot of my packages have finally
arrived, including my Ageha! <3 I'm 
in love with it.  I wish I started buying
Gyaru Magazines sooner.  (Like EGG)
It came with this cute makeup bag.  Every 
picture inside is airbrushed too perfection
It also inspired me to try out a new
style(for me) of gyaru make up.  Here's
a pic of one eye I made up. 
It would look a lot better with Diamond
Lash Angel eye but I haven't received
those yet.  :(  Also with a brighter eyeshadow and a
neater or lighter eyebrow.  I'm definitely buying
the next Ageha and I might buy Egg.  Might.  Egg as 
of late has been on the bland side so I'm
not completely sure I'll spend the extra
money.  I might buy an older Egg.
I also finally got my Romwe order in the 
mail!  Yaaaaay!  The shipping took
forever but I'm seriously in love with
I especially love my floral sweater,
I went to the mall in it and got
a lot of compliments.  The print is
gorgeous, it feels warm, and it's comfortable.
It's totally worth the money.
I think.
Rating:  ♥♥♥
 Here's some pictures of
me wearing this!  Going to 
work like always.
Wore this to work, the sleeves are a
bit short but you just need to roll them up
and it gives it the cutest look.  The only
con is the material is a bit thin.

Rating:  ♥♥
 Crop top!!!!!
It's super sexy and cute, I love it!!!
I can't wait until the summer so I can
wear this thing everywhere.
Rating:  ♥♥♥
I also ordered from sheinside.com
it's an online store completely identical
to Romwe except it seems to have more
stuff.  I bought this military jacket expecting
it to be thick and wintry.  It's not.
It's more of a thin jacket.  The sleeves are a
tad short and it has a weird smell.  It's 
also came in this super tiny bag with
a giant hole. -_-  Other then that it's 
okay, I won't start wearing it 
until the end of winter.
Rating:  ♥
I also got these last minute Christmas
presents for my sister.  Her pervert shirt
still hasn't even shipped yet and I got it almost
three weeks ago. -_-  If it doesn't ship
soon I'm getting my money back!  Anyways
here's the things I got her to make up
for it.
Enjoy Weed Dolls Kill Sweater

Mac's Rebel Lipstick
 On a more personal note I still don't
have this medical crap behind me.  My
tests came out great but now I'm in need
a specific kind of surgery to correct 
what's wrong with me.  It's not really
a disease thing but just a cosmetic type
of surgery that'll make my life 100x
better.  Sorry I'm being so vague about
it, I just don't want the big details to
be known.  Maybe after all of
this is finished I'll have the courage
to share my story.  
Probably not.
I'm also looking for another job.
This current job pays well,
has amazing benefits, and I've
met some great people.
The problem is the hours.  I work during
the entire day from morning until
 late night.  Which means no
time for anything, mainly school.
I've been out of school for
a long time now and it sucks.
I need to go back!  And this
job isn't allowing me to. 
I can't be a part timer for the
rest of my life.  I can't.
I want to major in Global
Studies and study abroad.
I'm so over working at these places
and feeling miserable.
Can't I just be an author/actress

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