01♥14 Recent Gets!

I've been online shopping like a mad
woman. >< But I can't help it, everything
I see is so shiny and pretty.  I'm also
saving up to go to bartending school
so I'm not going too overboard... I just
got a bunch of random things I really
needed and stuff that'll make me feel pretty.
Sort of. 
I'll start with the stuff I got from Walmart
I originally went there for food so I don't 
know what happened.  There was just a 
lot of cute stuff.
 Hello Kitty Piggy Bank ♥ Nintendo 3DS case ♥
Revlon ♥ Blush ♥ Brown eyeliner ♥ Brown
brow filler
 I know this is for the Nintendo 3DS
but I actually got it for my when I get
my new phone.  It'll be the perfect case
to just throw in my purse so my phone
won't get all scratched up. <3
 My sister talked me into getting 
this piggy bank, it looks so perfect
in my room. ♥ 
This cream blush is probably one
of the brightest I've ever gotten.  It looks
pretty in the packaging, haven't tried it
yet.  But it's so bright! ><
Now for the online stuff!  I love
shopping online it's becoming my
favorite thing to do. 
I don't know if that's a good
or bad thing.
Won this necklace is an auction,
I can't wait to get it, it has all of
my fave colors.  I would've bought
more but they're hard to find.
This was an impulse buy, I was looking
for a bag since I threw away my old
one.  I just thought I might as well get
one I'd actually like, even if it's expensive.
This bag is so cute I can't wait to see
it in person!
 This floral wallet is so beautiful
I had to get it!  I've seriously had
the same wallet since high school.
Bottom lashes, finally!  Some good
quality ones at that, it took me
forever to finally get my hands on 
 Lastly just some boots for work. :)
Thank you for reading! 
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