New apartment, pink TV, ageha, & other stuff!

It took almost three years, but guess what?
I finally have my own place! My own
apartment!  I just moved in almost two
weeks ago and I already feel completely
at home.  It's a two bedroom with two
bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and
even a studio area.  In the apartment
building there's even an exercise room!
It's small but now I have no excuses not
to start working out.  Here's a sneak
peak of my place.  
Yes, I have a pink TV in my room!
But there's  a lot to be done so it's still pretty 
bare.   My room is going to have a pink, gold,
and hello kitty theme.  There's also this hello
kitty carpet which is in Japan that I plan
to buy soon.  It'll be perfect for my room.
I also got bought a pink Trunk which just
came today.  It's so spacious, totally
worth the money. 
I got another Ageha, it's so pretty, 
I love it!
At the moment this magazine is
one of my biggest gyaru inspirations.
I love all of the models and how the
magazine sort of focuses on "hostess"
fashion.  It makes me wish I
could work at a hostess club.   
My Christmas and New Years were
okay, it was pretty much spent packing
and moving.  I moved January 1st!
For Christmas I just got hats,
body stuff, and Hello Kitty notebooks.
But I bought myself some new wigs,
they'll be in upcoming pictures!  I also 
bought this visual novel game called Nicole.
It's an otome game where
you can date cute characters while
solving a mystery.  I never talk about
my love for visual novels, otome games,
or RPGs.  But, yeah, I love them and
I play them a lot. :]
Also my picture quality will soon be 
improving due to me finally getting
a new updated cell phone.  
I'll be
getting the Galaxy Note 3!
 For so long I've had this outdated 
phone and I'm so ready for
a massive upgrade.  I think this
is as good as I'm going to get.
I can't wait to take better pictures,
I heard the camera quality on this
phone is amazing so I'm pretty excited.
I'm now just trying to figure out if
I should make my own Decoden
case or should I just buy one.  
I'm trying to find one sort of like this.
 I would just get this one but it's
sold out. :(  
My personal life is still
bland and uneventful as usual.  Work is 
work.  Repetitive and stressful
but I'm totally thankful for this
job.  I've managed to accomplish
a lot of things with it.  But it's still not
what I wish I were doing.  School is
still something I need to get back
into.  Pronto.  But I'd prefer to
go to a Japanese language school
first.  Whatever happens, happens
I guess. :)


  1. *Excited and Happy for you and unable to correctly express feelings suing Words!Praying and Hoping all the best for you,Lanelle!* :D -Natissa K