02♥06 Recent gets, bartending, & Japanese language school!

Another update, finally!  For once
I've been getting stuff out of the way
that I've been trying to do for a while.
Like I'm now enrolled in Bartending
School!  I know, for bartending it's
not mandatory that you go to school
for it but I have zero experience.  I
just want to learn the basics.  Also as
a bartender I'll be able to wear gyaru
make up.  Yay!  Especially if I get a
job in a club...or a strip club.  I'll have
lots of posts coming up on that and
pictures now that I'm getting my
new phone. <3  I'll be ordering
it in a matter of days and I'm so 
excited!  I also received some
information on a language school
in Japan.
It's a little intimidating, reading all
of the qualifications, cost of tuition,
etc.  But I think I'm ready to give this 
a try and go for it.  My goal is to be
at a Language school by next year.
I'll probably hate it and my social
anxiety will be through the roof.  But
if I don't I'll regret it later.
I also have a few items
to show that I've recently got.
Ordered this Daft Punk sweater
from Ebay.  I didn't realize how
big it would be but I love it!  
Daft punk is my fave!  ♥
Finally got my lashes, I love
them!  Obviously I've already worn 
them but I'm still getting use to the
bottom lashes.  Pics coming! :)
Just a face powder and OPI nail
polish in black.
 Lastly I've started my Banana Fish
collection.  I was super lucky and
managed to get all of these volumns
for an amazing price.  Some of
these are more then $20.00 alone
so I almost cried when
I saw that they were on Ebay for
only $5.00 each.  Just 7 more
volumns and it'll be complete!
(It's a long series)
Thanks for reading!


  1. i just love reading your posts! what exactly is a japanese language school? i started taking japanese in october from a tutor in st.paul. i'm just starting to get into gyaru more and more. i left you a few messages on fb but i dont see you on really but you've been busy! i love your room and the pink tv! <3 i've always wanted to try a gyaru look and go take purikura with other gals! but my job/our purikura place is closing! it'd be fun to meet up with you if you can before the 26th~ <3 becoming a bartender seems perfect for your gal style! you can be so glamorous and make drinks!!

  2. Thank you! <3 It's basically a school where you learn the language in the county, in my case it would be Japan. I'd love to meet up but I'm always busy. I work full time ><, hopefully soon we can meet up and maybe invite other minnesota gyaru. (If we can find any) Thanks for commenting! ♥