02♥20 Instagram, gets, new phone, & bartending!

Finally another update, I have a lot to show!
Since I got my new phone I recently made
an Instagram and I've already posted some
pictures on there.  It's hard getting use to 
my phone's camera since it's so clear
and has high definition.  You can see all of my 
imperfections. >< Here's what I've posted
so far...
I already love Instagram and plan to update
as much as possible so please follow me!
I've also been doing a lot of shopping, the 
picture above is some stuff I got from 
Ebay.  I really love the bath goodies, 
all of them smell amazing. <3  I also
randomly got 2 packs of Ageha falsies.
I only paid for one pack but the seller was
being generous and gave me 2.  I'm glad
they did, only wearing one pair doesn't seem
dramatic enough.  Then I got these
Ageha brand tights that are supposed
to slim your thighs.  I doubt just wearing
these will make me loose weight but I 
couldn't help buying them especially 
since the packaging is so cute. 
 I also got these BH cosmetic palettes only
because the palettes I have are kind of 
old now.  I really love the galaxy palette,
the shadows are super shimmery and
metallic, my favorite kind. :)
Here's just a bunch of makeup I've 
accumulated over the past few days.  It's
mostly Elf stuff, but I managed to score
a brand new Benefit Foundation worth
36.00 for only 20.00, thanks to Ebay.
 I just got these chokers and I have
a spiky one on it's way.  I plan
to buy many more, I love them!!!  They
can make a plain outfit look super edgy.
I found this cute mirror and clothes
basket in Target and had to get them
for my room.  I think the basket is meant
for little girls but I don't care it's so cute,
I had to have it.  And finally I got 
my new phone!!!!! Finally!  The picture 
quality below is horrid, since I had to take
 them with my old camera. ><
I love my phone and the case.  It's supposed
to be a replica of the block Chanel
purse.  But I got it for only 8 bucks.
Totally worth it, it even came with
a chain but I prefer just hold it in my
(it's modeled after these bags)
And with this new phone I've become
addicted to phone dating sims.  I'm currently
playing these two ninja games and
they're so entertaining.  They make
me blush, seriously. <3
Oh, and did you guys meet 
my new boyfriend???
We're just phone chatting right now.
He's so hot, I can't even.
I also recently went to my first bartending 
school lesson and I loved it!  It's very interesting
learning about different drinks, how to pour,
etc.  I'm excited about going every week.
Maybe soon I'll be able to snap some
pictures while I'm there.


  1. Lovely phone! How many purchases! Cute!
    I'm already following you on Instagram!
    I am Brazilian, sorry my english!

    Pamy Matsuda

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  3. Following you :-) What apps have you downloaded?

  4. Possible new camera. ↓↓→→ http://www.bedfords.com/13127?gclid=CMuysYnd4rwCFa5DMgodxyYA_Q

  5. @Ichigo no Wagashi Thank you! <3

    @KeenaVirgo8 I've downloaded so many already but my favorite is my Tumblr app, thanks for the link! <3