02♥25 Weight, self defense, & dreamv shoes!

The only time that I've ever successfully
lost weight was when I was a 9th grader
in high school.  But now as a 21-year-old
it seems to be nearly impossible to lose
anything.  It sucks.  And it's not just trying
to be thin to look pretty (I actually want to tone up),
 it's about getting healthier.  It doesn't help that
 I'm addicted to mountain dew.
So now I'm dieting
again and I'll start going to the gym 
since my apartment has a free one I 
can use.  I'm not looking forward to it,
I hate trying to lose weight, it's irritating.
But i'm determined to get healthy, my eating
habits have seriously been effecting
my health.
I also made some recent purchases
nothing too big. I actually have a
big clothing haul coming ;)
but I think these things are worth showing.
I bought this case forever ago and the
it's just now getting to me.  I think
the long wait was worth it, it's so pretty.  *.*
I don't even want to use it because
I'm afraid of messing it up.  It
looks white in the picture but it's 
actually a light baby pink. 
Now these two things are self defense 
weapons.  The thing in the box is a stun gun
and the long silver rod is a metal
expendable baton.  The metal part can be 
pushed back into the pink area.  I bought
these because after work I walk
in a dark neighborhood and it gets
really creepy at night.  I'd rather
be safe then sorry.  
I also made an order to Dreamv, this
is the first time I've ever ordered from there.
I didn't get any clothes but I did buy
some shoes.  All of the cutest clothes
seemed to be sold out. :/
Here's what I got.
 I got the black and pink mix ones.
I bought these in red, black and white.
They're supposed to give your legs
a slimming effect.
I got these in black, most of the
colors were sold out.
Once they get here I plan to do a
Dreamv review, there's a lot of
clothes on the sight I want to get
but all of the cute things are either
sold out in my size or sold out in
the color I want.  Which sucks. 
Short post today, sort of, next
one will be longer.  Thanks
for reading!

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