03♥04 Dreamv Shoe Review!

♥I finally received my DreamV order and
I really wanted to do a review on the shoes I
got.  I bought a lot of pairs (sort of) because
there was such good deals going on.  First
I was impressed with the shoe choices it was 
a lot better then the clothing selection.  At least with
the color options.  But most of the cutest things 
were still sold out.  As usual.  Shipping was expensive but
my items came quickly so it wasn't too bad.  :)♥
♥I bought three pairs of these because
they were only roughly 13.00 each and
I just loved the concept of them.  They're 
supposed to give your legs a slimmer look.
If you guys didn't know I think my legs are huge
so anything would help.  I'm really impressed by 
these.  They look just like the picture and they're
super comfortable.  My only con is my feet 
seemed to slide through the front which
makes my toes stick out more then I like.♥
 ♥These will probably go super well
with skirts, especially mini skirts.♥
♥I loooooooove these, I think I might buy
another pair to wear in the Spring.  They're
so cute and really stand out.  Where I live
the ground is wet and snowy but these
shoes have a super hard bottom.  My feet
never got cold and no water ever got into
the shoes.  I didn't think I'd like them as
much as I do but they're awesome!♥
♥They're a bit dirty since I wore them
in melted snow and rocks. :/  Also FYI the pink 
bow is removable. ♥
♥I really wanted to love these and I honestly
think they're cute but I wasn't a huge fan.
First they made my legs look terrible,
I think, in the mirror my legs seemed
so wide, it was weird.  Also they get
dirty verrrrry easily.  It seemed like dirt 
just clung to them, it annoyed me.  Lastly
the little strings in the back wouldn't
stay tied no matter how many knots I made
Then when they're untied they slap your legs
super hard, so hard it actually hurt.  These
were a waste of money, I think.♥
♥I plan to buy a shit ton of clothing from
DreamV soon but I'm waiting for
cuter items to come out.  Right now most
of the stuff on there isn't worth
paying for the 15.00 shipping fee.
Other then that I liked the experience
they kept contact with me and I 
was always updated on my order.
It was a great experience overall and
I'm definitely buying from them