03♥13 Surgery, new gets, & spring wishlist!

So I had surgery yesterday.  It went better
then expected.  I had to get to the hospital
super early and couldn't find the right place
to get in.  It was so frustrating that I cried,
I was already feeling stressed about
the entire thing.  But when I got to the
hospital the nurses made me feel so
much better.  I had the coolest male
nurse, he was super easy to talk to.  And
I spotted a hot doctor, lol.  I was
nervous, at first, they even had a student
doctor watching the operation, but as
soon as they put the oxygen mask on
me I was knocked out.  My sister picked me up
afterwards and now I'm recovering.
There's some pain in the area and I
have a headache but other then that
I feel pretty good. :)
I also recently got some new gets
I'm super excited about, like
more Romwe stuff!
 The Bart Simpson shirt was this
free bonus they threw in.  It's super
big and comfy, love it. :)  I also
bought another floral Dior shirt
since my sister has sort of stole
my old one.
 This is the Samsung Wb250f, I got this
specifically to make YouTube videos with.
I wish I could afford a high definition 
canon but for now this is all I can afford.
I'm also thinking of starting a new YouTube
channel where it would be more focused
on stuff that I'm into now.  Like fashion,
Japanese products, video games, etc.
I don't feel like my old one reflects
that very well.  
 My first real BB cream for darker
skin and I'm in loooooove.  I've
already bought a second tube because
I love it so much.  It is $16.99 but I
think it's worth it.  It's the Iman Skin
Tone Evener BB creme, I specifically
wear it to work and it's not cakey or
patchy, it's perfect.  It doesn't cover
everything, which is exactly what I
wanted.  For anyone interested I'm in
the color clay medium.  
I also got my March Ageha, it took
FOREVER to get to me for some reason
but it was worth it.  The mirror is
perfect and of course the magazine itself
is gorgeous.  I also bought my April
Ageha, this time I got it from another
seller on Ebay.  Hopefully it won't take 
as long to get.
I also made a Spring Wish list!  Here's just
a few things I plan to get.

(the pink ones)
(this entire blue outfit)
(just the coat)
 (top & skirt)
I'm pretty confident that I can get
everything on this list, the coat may
take me a little longer since it's like
200 bucks. >< 
Super long post
today, thanks for reading!