03♥20 New camera, SHORT wig, & grand fantasia!

I just got some new gets in
the mail, a wig and a camera!
I actually bought a
pixie cut wig.  I've never had
short hair so this looks so weird
on me.  I only bought this wig as
a tester.  I actually want an entirely
blonde pixie wig, but first I just
wanted to see if a short wig would
look good on me before investing
on some expensive one.  This wig is
mostly black with a bit of 
blonde.  I actually love how
it looks on me.
 It did make me realize how big
of a head I have. lol  But I'm
still more into the longer hair 
look.  I also got my camera
and I'm in love with how it
looks.  It's a Samsung
camera so it somehow works
with my Galaxy note.
(posing with wig and camera XD)
It's really pretty but the I can't use
it since I don't have a memory
card.  So now I have to wait
to order that before I can make
any new videos. :/  But from what
I've seen the camera quality
is great, it's a lot better then my
old coolpix camera. 
I've sort of become addicted
to this online MMORPG called
Grand Fantasia.  It's a typical
anime style rpg but it has an
interesting storyline and it actually
runs on my computer really 
nicely.  I made an attempt
at a screenshot of my 
 Right now I'm still at the newb
level which is why she's still in the
beginner stage.  But I really love
playing it and you even get a
cute animal type partner.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! You look fab with the new short hairstyle. The color goes well too <3 That game looks so cute.. I am getting into the Sims3 though. Since it is the only thing to work on my laptop pretty well lol.

  2. Thanks <3 and I've always wanted a sims game, never had one :)