04♥08 Recent gets + birthday soon + Twitter!

♥Hey guys, new post!♥
Recently I've been on a fashion
shopping binge type of thing, lol.
Ever since my surgery I've become
more confident, so now I'm eager
to actually dress how I want.
I only bought some
sweaters, but it's a start. :)
 I bought this shirt in both red
and black.  I couldn't pick just 
one it's so perfect.  I wish it
came in pink.
 I also bought this EXO shirt in
black, I got Kai's shirt #88.
Kai (*¬*)
The funny thing is I don't even listen
to EXO all that much but I just 
thought the shirt was cute. :P
And I watch people who do "cover"
dances of them, like a group
called Millennium Boy, they basically
cover EXO do their dances, etc.
Got this pink animal print
backpack on Ebay, I got it for
only 14 bucks!  Other sites
were trying to charge 50+
so I got it for such a good deal.
Here's the backpack I really
really really want.
It's a Japanese styled backpack
and I WAAANNNT it.  The only
problem is it's nearly 100.00 which
is way too much for my pocket
to handle. lol  And got some random 
make up.  The magenta
blush is super pigmented.  As usual
the concealor is too light.  -_-
My birthday is coming up, I'll
be 22. 
I rarely do anything for
my birthdays so I'm not too excited.
I'll probably just buy a shit ton of
clothes, maybe get some stuff off
my wishlist.  Or sleep all day since
I actually took that day off work.
I have a boring life if you guys
hadn't noticed, >< but it's only
because I work so much I don't
have time for anything.
I've been thinking of finally taking
acting classes but I'm not
sure yet. 
 And lastly I finally made a Twitter
after a million years of not having one.
I've already twitted a bunch of times.

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