04♥28 Still here & updates!

(see I can be かわいい with no circle lenses lol)
 Sorry for the lack of updates, I've just been busy with general boring life things.  Mainly work.  Work takes up 99.9% of my time and it's just very draining.  So when I get home I barely want to even bother with anything let alone blogging.  All I've really been doing is online shopping, attempting to finish the first draft of my book, catching up on Rupaul's Drag Race, and lazying around my house.  I haven't been trying to lose weight because frankly right now I don't care how fat I look, whatever.  I only work and I rarely dress up so it doesn't bother me that much at the moment.  Until I look in the mirror anyways.  My book is coming alone, slowly, but it'll be done eventually as long as I keep working on it.  I've also been updating my Instagram a lot, I'm addicted now, I never thought I'd feel like that about Instagram but I just love posting on there.  It's inspired me to improve my style and pretend that I'm a photogenic super model. 
(derp modeling in my new Chanel & EXO shirts)
My skin has started to become annoying, again, so I've recently bought new facial products to help combat that.  Mainly natural products.  I'm a huge fan of Shea butter, it smells great in my opinion, and has soooooo many benefits.  If you purchase natural Shea butter just make sure it's white not yellow, that's the real stuff not mixed with any other type of ingredient.  I use my Olay Mini peel then the Shea butter every night, I've only started doing it but I've already seen great results.  I use the Mint Julep as a spot treatment for my minor acne, it's seriously dries up the bumps as soon as I put it on.  I used the Vanilla Buttercream Shea butter only on my legs, it smells amazing!  I wish it was edible because it seriously smells like icing on a cake, I'm tempted to eat it.  It makes my legs incredibly smooth the only down fall is it can be a little oily so I mainly use it at night. 
(whipped shea butter in the white container)
 I also purchased some random stuff online, like these Betsy Johnson notebooks mainly for future book ideas and to do lists.  They're so pretty, just looking at them makes me want to write.  I especially love the pink rose one.
I'm in need of shoes so I bought some sneaker wedges online, the black ones are from Target and the blue/red ones are from a website called Aliexpress, they were very cheap.  I purposely made sure they didn't have laces because I'm always running late for work and a small part of that is because my shoes are a pain to put on.  And I got the Angel wing jacket in both grey and black, I purchased it before and fell in love, the wings are adorable.
Lastly I managed to score another of my beloved Banana fish books, I got volume 3!!!  I don't how I got it though, most sites are trying to sell it for 70.00+ but randomly I found someone selling it on eBay for only 12.00, I snatched it up as soon as I saw that.  It's like new except for some super minor things, so happy I found it.  Now only six more to go...
My birthday is tomorrow, I'm happy to be getting older but I wish I could afford to actually celebrate it.  But I'll have no money and when I do get paid I have bills.  T.T  What my sister and I plan to do eventually is go out to eat and see the movie Godzilla when it comes out. 
Lastly if you're a Gyaru then you heard about Ageha and Egg being discontinued.  It's odd how they're both being stopped at the same time, it's surreal.  For people who don't live in Japan it's nearly impossible to be active in the Gyaru scene.  A lot of people are saying Gyaru is dying.  I disagree, now Gyaru is going to truly only be for those who aren't simply following a trend or doing it for the popularity.  Not that that's a bad thing.  I don't plan to give up on Gal even without the magazines, I wanted to travel to Japan as a Gyaru and I will.  This has only strengthened my love for it.  Gyaru is life, it's given me happiness and confidence and I won't ever give up on it.