05♥25 Vanilla Chamu ヴァニラ, rant, & gets!

This post is going to be all over the place so bare with me. lol  I made a blogpost about "living dolls" a while ago, how they intrigued me, etc.  One girl, Vanilla Chamu ヴァニラ, in particular has really caught my attention.  She's become famous for getting a lot of expensive plastic surgery to transform herself into a French doll.  I don't know why but now I'm completely obsessed with her.  I'm always on her blog, I've watched all of the videos she's featured in, and I just bought her photobook.  Not only do I think she's super cute but her story sort of speaks to me.  She was bullied for being "ugly", like her I was bullied too.  Mainly for my looks, as a kid I was boyish, fat, sloppy, and surrounded by prettier family members who loved to throw it in my face.  So I can identify with her, I understand the need and want to look beautiful.
 Also, unlike most of the other "living dolls" she admits to getting work done.  And in her videos she doesn't act stoic, she seems human.  What worries me is the future effects.  As you age your face/body changes, with all of the surgeries I wonder how age will affect her.  Other then that I think she's awesome.

Most are obsessed with beauty.  It's annoying when people are ridiculed for changing themselves for beauty.   People don't care about plastic surgery if the results aren't obvious .  Like in Kpop, lots of those idols have had surgery but since the results aren't extreme they look "normal" so people still swoon over them.  But if the surgery is taken to the extreme then it's automatically horrible: the person has low self esteem, they need to be diagnosed with dysmorphic disorder, etc.  Plastic surgery is only bad if you overdue it but just getting a nose job or lip injections then you're okay.

I call bullshit.

Either it's bad or good.  Don't say a girl who gets her boobs done, nose job, and liposuction has low self esteem, then swoon over some idol, actor, model, etc whose had surgery done as well.  It's hypocritical and people do it all the time.  The media especially, natural beauty is supposed to be the "best" kind of beauty yet most ads are with people who are photoshopped to hell and back.  Rant over.

Okay, so she's inspired to improve my well being overall.  In most of my posts I talk about losing weight, it's always on my mind.  Especially lately, I feel like I've gained weight and lost all forms of motivation.  Living in my own apartment has made me less urgent and lazy.  I have a scale but I avoid it like the plague, so now I'm trying to approach this losing weight thing differently.  I'm planning to stop drinking pop then seeing how it goes from there.  My main goal is too slim down my thighs and upper arms, my goal weight is 110 pounds.  Last year I made some progress then my motivation disappeared, I stopped everything, and gained it all back.  We'll see how this goes.

Here's Vanilla's photo book Ultra artificial beauty, I can't wait to get it.  I'm hoping looking at her pictures will help me stay motivated.  When I get it I'll take pics of how it looks inside, it wasn't cheap : ( almost 40 dollars so I'm expecting a thick book.  I like the video below, it really shows her face/make up clearly, she's super かわいい!
I got my mini laptop in the mail!  I used it at work and managed to get a lot of writing done, so buying this was definitely a good investment.  It's tiny like the size of an Ipad but thicker, and I got it refurbished so it wasn't expensive.
I just got the latest Egg and looking through it sort of depressed me because I couldn't recognize any of the models, except Yun of course.  The models were cute but they all have similar looks, nobody stands out to me anymore.  It's probably one of the reasons the magazine is being discontinued. :(
I won this Hello Kitty Laptop case on Ebay, it's brand new and worth way more money then I would've paid.  But I got it for only 8 dollars with shipping.  Score!
Lastly I got this Eyeshadow palette on Ebay, I'm experimenting more with color and thought this would be a good palette to try.  It's sooooooo pigmented, I'm in love with all of the blues and purples.
Will try to update sooner, thanks for reading!

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