06♥17 Recent gets, updates, & Millenium Boy (cover Exo) rant!

 I'm going to get the good stuff out of the way before I go into a rant about some drama that's been going on, but it doesn't involve Gyaru.  How rare lololol.  Anyways I've recently bought a shit ton of stuff, all online, as usual.

I've even got my first real brand item, bought from PetitEgoist.  It's a MA*RS dress in the famous rose animal print, I don't know what size it is so I don't expect to fit it.  -_-   I'll probably cry when I get it I've always loved the print.  Here's all of my recent clothing gets:
Mostly summer stuff, I really don't have much of a summer wardrobe since I hate the hot weather, and hold onto my sweaters for as long as the temperature lets  me.  And no bottoms since my job doesn't allow us to wear skirts above the knee or "flashy" prints, so I always wear plain black pants.  Here's some miscellaneous gets:
Hello Kitty phone case
 90s inspired chokers, got them for super cheap.
This is a popular face mask from Korea, recommended by Wengie 
in one of her favorites videos.  It's supposes to minimize
pores, it's looks interesting. I might do a review.
Because I'm vain as fuck.  But seriously
I ran out of some other vitamins I was taking
so I'm trying these out.  May do a review.
 Finally got my VanillaChamu photobook, it's a lot
smaller then what I was expecting and super
wordy.  But I still love it, the pictures are so
pretty. *_*
 As for a life update I finally got an earlier shift!!!  This might not seem exciting but for me it means no longer having to walk or take the bus at night and being able to do other stuff: mainly going to school or taking some Japanese lessons.  I've been slacking with my bartending classes, like slacking badly.  So now with this extra time hopefully I'll starting going again and get this bartending certificate.  Maybe even getting my license, fingers crossed.  I'm also thinking of completely deleted my Okcupid account, it's a lost cause, it really is.  The guys...I'm sure they're better in person but online a lot of these guys either creep me out or disgust me.  And don't even get me started on how many times I've been asked if I like white guys.  So annoying.  I just need to learn to get over this social anxiety bullshit and get out and meet people.  Or maybe I should just make my computer my boyfriend...
Now onto my rant, I am seriously angry right now.  Like seething with anger.  This is why I steer clear of Kpop fandom or steer clear of Kpop in general.  A few posts back I wrote about liking this Kpop cover group called Millenium Boy.  A cover group is when you copy or mimic a singing or dance group.  Sort of like here in America we have the Elvis singers and the Beatles cover bands, etc.  Cover dance contests exist in Thailand and they're huge.  Millenium Boy is extremely popular in Thailand because of their covers (they do different bands) but it's mainly for their covers for the Kpop group Exo.  They've gotten so popular even been called, by fans, Exo-T or the Exo of Thailand.  People even make fancam videos of individual members and they have a fan club.
Some days ago I noticed, while watching their latest cover on Youtube, their videos were getting flooded with Korean comments.  I was curious so I translated a few and realized they were negative.  Calling them ugly, go die, copycats, etc.  Apparently someone on some Kpop gossip site discovered them and wrote an article about them full of lies.  Saying they're plagiarizing Exo, stomped on a picture of Kai, and selling Exo merchandise.  These "rumors" were put on a lot of the Kpop news sites and thus begun the Millenium Boy bullying.  These idiot Exo fans even went as far as going to their Instagrams and Twitters and putting a mass of negative comments.  Now all of these rumors weren't true except they did sell some Exo shirts with their signatures only because their fans requested them too.  They have over 100,000 likes on Facebook, I think it's to be expected.  But of course these rabid Kpop fans took the story, did no research, and ran with it.

The only reason I care so much is I've followed these guys since 2010, watching one of their dance videos introduced me to Kpop and I'm always blown away.  They're crazy talented (and cute), I know Kpop is super popular right now but I wish people knew Korea (and Japan) aren't the only Asian countries with amazing performers.
 I probably wouldn't feel this way if I had my head stuck up Exo's ass but I don't.  I find it funny how  people so easy to forgive their godly celebrities for shit they do but as soon as some petty rumors start going around about normal people they're up in arms.  This happens a lot in America, for example Justin Bieber and the whole N-word rant and I guess Kai from Exo has said the N-word on camera too (not 100% sure of that). 

This has gotten so overblown SM entertainment took notice and was threatening to sue them, saying they were intimidating Exo and they shouldn't re-sell their shirts.  Stupid reasons really, how about sue all of the Ebay sellers who resell your shit, or the tiny web stores.  Why pinpoint a lawsuit on a fucking cover group who actually loves you.  People are claiming MB is better then Exo and I guess SM ent. is getting worried about that.  Newsflash Exo has millions of dollars endorsed in them, MB has nothing but their own money, no choreographers, singing coaches, or plastic surgeons...  They teach themselves the dances and do it all during their personal time.  They look like teenagers but all of them are above the age of twenty.
They're being bullied and threatened.  These Exo fans are acting like MB killed one of the members or something.  They sold some shirts because their fans wanted them, they didn't rob a bank or go on a mass murder spree.  Save the anger for shit that actually deserves it!!!  Some fans are fucking mental.  Some of these commenters look like grown fucking adults.  Adults.  Adults going crazy over a boy band they may never meet in real life.  Most seem to be young girls, which is expected, I guess.

One of the members happens to be openly gay and you know these idiotic fangirls are complaining that they're putting Exo in a bad light because of his "skinship" with the other members.  Or he's being too touchy feely and the real Exo would never do that.  These are probably the same people who ship Exo members with each other.  How hypocritical.  Don't even get me started on how I feel Kpop culture treats the LGBTQ topic.
Millenium Boy even went as far as making an apology video, removing pictures where they look like Exo, and modifying their logo and yet these morons are still leaving fucked up comments and thumbing down their videos.  I'm not as pissed off as I first was but it's just disappointing.

I'm sure no one on my blog cares about this stuff lol but I had to rant.  Is it sad that I know all of their names? 


  1. where did you buy all the clothes? what site?

  2. From ebay, aliexpress, and sheinside :)