07♥17 Peach girl make up, gets, & depression.

I've been trying to write this post for days now due to sheer laziness.  And I've been going through some things (mostly negative) so it's been kind of hard to focus on blogging.  I want to get the good stuff out the way before I get all personal, I know some people don't like to read depressing posts.  First I'll start with some recent gets, I'm always online shopping, that's probably not a good thing but retail therapy really helps if you're feeling shitty.  Lately I'm getting more into skincare products, especially Asian skincare products.  I know I'm only 22 but I have the worst dehydrated skin ever (with wrinkles under my eyes) and it's really starting to show.  So I'm testing out products so I can find the best skincare regime for myself.  Some of these are higher end products, fucking expensive, but I wanted to try out the best I could get.  I just put in a Sephora order a few days ago so some of these things I haven't received yet.  There's also some make up and general miscellaneous stuff.  Before that I wanted to show you guys my Peach Girl inspired make up.  Just a test run, I'm planning to do like a tutorial.  Maybe.  I'm thinking of doing an entire Momo Adachi cosplay (wish I had a place to wear it), it's sort of sad that I've never been to an anime convention before but anyways here's the makeup.
It's a bit of a fail with the eyebrows and I should've contoured.  Also most cosplay look better with some kind of lenses but as we all know I don't wear them, nonetheless my eyes are already brown and big so that kind of helps.  I'm definitely going to try again.  Anyways onto the haul. 
I recently ordered these high top sneakers, the pictures make them look AMAZING, but I haven't gotten them yet.  They were super cheap and I'm in love with the floral print. 
 I ordered this Dr. Jart set it's the Ceramidin cream, plus a liquid version, I got it because it seemed like a better deal then just getting the tube, which is 48 dollars alone.
 I've already pretty much used up this big tube, the stuff is pricey but I honestly believe it works.  I used to have these deep indents around my mouth which are pretty much gone now.
I needed a toner so I got this Lancome Toniquye comforting re-hydrating toner (long name), the reviews on Sephora were good and I thought the bottle was pretty lol.
Here's some make up brushes from Forever 21, samples of the Ben Nye banana powders for my under eyes, and Etude house Milk tea soap in strawberry milk (smells heavenly).
More skin care, I got the Yu-be skin polish (Japanese brand) because I needed a new exfoliate, I got my holy grail Olay mini peel, and a new product the Scinic face mask.  I bought it after watching one of Wengie's videos and she recommended it. 
It's a Korean product that's has won a lot of awards, it's supposed to minimize pores, make skin softer, and help with oil.  It's has a weird fluffy texture like mousse and makes a popping noise.  I've used it a few times and it hardens then tightens on your face, I haven't noticed any results yet.
I needed a new powder, a good powder, one that could control the oil slick that is my face, so I bought the DiorSkin retouch powder.  Yes, it was extremely expensive, the most I've ever spent on a face powder, but since it's the summer my face has gotten so oily it's ridiculous.  So I had to invest in a quality product.  Hopefully this'll work for me.
New brushes, mainly for contour plus a powder brush, and I got the pumped up mascara, it's my second tube and I love it.  I even get complements on my lashes while wearing it.
I've been watching a lot of Ulzzang variety shows and looking at their make up made me want to try the Ageyo-sal trend, I already do it with my gyaru make, but it's super exaggerated.  So I bought this marker from Etude house and hopefully it'll be more subtle for work.  It's called the Dear Girls cute eyes marker, hopefully it'll show up on my skin tone.
This was before work, I didn't intentionally try to look Ulzzang, but this angle really complimented my extra square head.
And my typical gyaru make.
I've realized I'm starting to get annoyed with wearing wigs.  I don't know if my head is too big (it is) or if my hair is getting to thick but most of my wigs aren't fitting well.  Also the color is never what I'm looking for, and they always look super wiggy no matter how much I tweak them.  I miss wearing weaves so now I'm planning to get extensions done.  This time I'm getting virgin hair (the good kind) so I can have any color I want.  I'm thinking of going completely pink.  After that I've been dreaming of having silver hair, all silver, like Storm from X-men.  And dying my real hair silver as well, it's probably just me daydreaming.  Silver is a tough color to pull off.  Here's some examples of the color I want, I'm going for a pastel pink sort of look and LONG.  Like at least 20 inches.
Can I go die now?  I've been feeling like major shit.  Not that this is a new thing but it's really been hitting me hard lately.  It's even started to effect my sleep, work, everything.  Also I just found out my grandma died a day ago, it feels like everyday gets worse and worse.  The negative thoughts are becoming more prominent, I can't even think straight sometimes because of how horrible I feel.  People can seem so happy, so beautiful, so successful on the outside but you never know what's going on inside.  I honestly just want to jump off a bridge.  I want to talk to somebody but I seriously have no "real" friends and my family members think I'm over this "phase."  They have no idea because I'm good at hiding it.  Sometimes I feel like they make it worse, especially my sister.  She's always telling me that I gained weight, I'm lazy, etc etc.  I know I'm weird I know I'm a freak.  Whatever. 


  1. I completely understand what you mean with the wig situation. I have been thinking about extensions as well. As these wigs "ain't" loyal lately lol. Oh.. I am here for you. My grandmother passed away two minutes before memorial day was over this year. It was intense. I know it's not much. But I hope you could talk to someone if not me.

  2. If you every need to talk theres always internet friends (like us^) i know it can be tough so find ways to release the anger or sadness/ pent up emotion. as for the wigs you can always add elastic in the back so it fits or if you are gonna dye your hair, don't forget to CONDITION! like 1-2 a week if not more :] i hope you feel better

  3. @LuxurySchoolGirl thank you <3 <3

    @Erica Imoisi thanks <3 <3