♥How to be a failure at life, new hair, HAUL, & blogging!

Here's how to be a failure at life: by buying a shit ton of unnecessary things and never accomplishing goals.  I'm still here and still pushing through, not much has changed in my world.  I'm still working everyday at this stressful job and trying to finish my book.  Lately I've just been focusing on myself, literally, mainly my appearance.  So really nothing new.  I've bought a lot of shit so this post is going to be filled with things I've accumulated over time.  Also I'm getting my hair done soon, finally, which means no more wigs for a while.  Thank God.  I love wigs, don't get wrong, they're amazing but lately they've been pissing me off.  Every new one I purchase is either too thin, too yellow, too plastic looking, won't fit my head (my head is huge).  There's always some problem and it's becoming a waste of money.  So what I'm planning is to invest in quality weaves, braids, etc.  I just recently bought this blonde wig, it was cheap so I guess I shouldn't have expected much.  It looked so bad my sister laughed at me when I first put it on.  It was shiny and thin and reminded me of the Barbie Moschino wigs: yellow and fake looking.
I soaked it in shampoo and it helped to dull down the shine but it's still thin. -_- This is all the hair pulled to the front, it doesn't look as yellow in these pictures as it actually is. 
This picture is from last winter, yep in a bathroom at work (ew my skin), this shade of blonde is what I prefer to wear, less yellow more silver.  This picture also showcases how fucked up my skin used to look even with a full face of makeup.  I looked like I haven't slept in months.  One of my coworkers who I started this job with recently told me I looked different in a good way.  We don't work in the same area and I haven't seen them in months so it's nice to know other people can tell the difference.
 My skin sort of looks like this now, I say sort of because I did use the soften tool in Miu Xiuxiu, I plan to do real before and afters soon with no makeup and no photoshop.  The biggest different is my undereye circles aren't as horrible and my wrinkles seem to be going away.  Yay! (but the cheap wig ruins the pic)
Here's a sneak peak of the hair style I plan to get done, it's somewhat inspired by this picture from Tumblr, it won't look exactly like it (of course, I wish) but it will be braids.  When I do get my hair done, if it looks good, expect lots of pictures.
I love this style too.
Most of my recent purchases are from online so I haven't received a lot of my stuff yet, so most of the pictures below will be stock photos. 
 All of the shirts are either from Ebay or Sheinside, I'm not sure if I blogged about my experience with Sheinside but when I made my first purchase from there they didn't send me all of the items I bought.  Instead of emailing or refunding my money they decided it was best not to tell me and hoped I wouldn't notice.  So I emailed them three times then opened a Paypal case before they finally responded and refunded my money.  The only reason I'm giving them a second chance is they're shit is cheap and cute.  They also sell the exact same clothes from Nastygal.com even with same model pictures but way cheaper. 

So I was like what the hell, if they mess up again I'll just open a case and get my money back.  I've mainly bought winter shirts (I dress like a tomboy), earrings specifically to compliment my hair when it's in braids, make up, etc.  Had to get more vitamins since I ran out my last ones (they work!!!) and I ordered Quest bars.  I heard of them from watching a Trisha Paytas video and she said she ate them as a meal replacement.
(sorry for the shitty quality)
 They're basically protein bars and I just wanted to give them a shot, I bought a whole box of the cinnamon bun flavor plus cookies & creams, and the cheesecake flavor.
I also got a bunch of drugstore beauty products, except for the Chanel foundation, that same tube was almost 30 dollars but I wanted to invest in a good foundation since the drugstore ones I use always disappears at the end of the day or transfers so badly I can't even touch my face.  Maybe I'll do a blog review on it because it was expensive.  Also the pink Shisedo thing is bloating papers, they're amazing.
And here's a few items on my I-will-eventually-buy list.
I'm in love with these boots, they're totally different from any shoes I have, I can just imagine the looks I'll get when I walk in the office with these on.  I already get enough stares as it is.
I'm not 100% sure if I'll get this, it's the Shisedo Eudermine Revitalizing Essence toner, now I take my skincare seriously and I only use either natural or high end products, this stuff has a lot of good reviews so I may get it.  And the bottle is gorgeous.
It's a Nars Blush in Exhibit A, I've been wanting this blush for a long time, it's a vibrant red and I think it would look perfect on my skin, any skin tone really. 

I also reopened my formspring now called Spring.me I guess, I put a widget in my sidebar if anyone wants to ask me questions, I'm open to any.  Mostly any.  

And sort of off topic over the years as a blogger I've followed hundreds of blogs literally hundreds, back in 2010 when gyaru was at it's height of popularity making a blog on your gyaru journey was sort of a trend.  As a gaijin gyaru it was like something you were expected to do.  It was why I made a blog in the first place, now fours years later I find myself unfollowing so many dead blogs or blogs that have turned into spam blogs (how do they do that?), it's depressing.  In the last few days I've discovered bloggers from Singapore and they've really inspired me to keep on blogging, they take their blogging seriously lol.  Even without gyaru I love blogging,  even if I rarely get comments or views.  Sometimes it's better that way especially for super personal posts.  Blogging has become something I would feel weird if I didn't do it which is why I've kept up with it.  Even with posts that aren't entertaining or eventful.
 (so cute, I can't even)
My favorite blogger from Singapore is named QiuQiu, I've pretty much devoured all of her blog which goes as far back as 2008.  Her blog posts are informative and realistic, she's somewhat known for getting plastic surgery done in Korea.  She looked cute before and now, honestly it just made me want to get surgery done too.  I was actually a follower of her Instagram for a while before I started reading her blog.  Now I'm obsessed.

I know.  I'm boring.
Thanks for reading!


  1. You're a lovely girl with a lot to offer! I'm a Christian and I will be praying for you for God to bless you and make it real to you that HE Loves you.When life and other people aren't treating you right you can still be happy and secure in the knowledge that God Loves you.Have a wonderful day,Lanelle!♥