Just got my hair done and it looks like shit

This is partly my faultI went to a salon that specialized in sew-ins/hair extensions not braids, also this style just doesn't fit my face whatsoever. (I have fat square head) I haven't been to a real hair salon in years so  I should have did more research.   I hate to call the salon I went to "ghetto" that's stereotypical and stupid but honestly it was.  But of course a shop being ghetto doesn't necessarily mean it lacks in quality, definitely not.  I'm not going to name the place but I want to share my experience from start to finish.  

After getting off the train and walking four blocks I was greeted at the salon by an extremely affectionate women who was working on her client's hair with her assistant.  My appointment was scheduled to start at 11.00 am but my stylist had yet to arrive and I could see the rising panic in her eyes when the lady, she was the manager, told me my stylist was on the way they had been out partying.  I stood there still excited because it's truly been forever since I've gotten my hair done so it didn't bother me at that moment that they were late.  The salon was nothing special dirty, but small and cozy.

Like 10 minutes later my stylist still hadn't arrived but the manager was so nice she kept asking me questions and made me feel comfortable even though I was just sitting there awkwardly waiting.  Some more minutes go by and she told me since my stylist weren't there she'd let her assistant get started on my hair.  I was wearing a bucket hat so they couldn't see how much hair I actually had (or how tangled it was) so the manager made her assistant comb out my hair to get it prepared for shampooing.  I think the assistant was 14 at the most, she was young but did a good job, my hair is a kinky mess.  And for some reason she mistook my wrinkle face ass for a high school student lol. 

Like an hour later the stylist started showing up the manager gave me over to stylist #1 who I thought was going to wash and braid my hair.  She only washed it, during the wash my neck rested on the hardest surface ever, it felt like my neck was about to snap off.  I was literally squeezing my toes from the discomfort.  Thank god she did it quickly.  Then she blow dried my hair and recommended I get a Vixen sew in the next time I came since my hair is long.  (Yes my hair actually grew, it's past bra strap length, next time I'll get pictures.)  A vixen sew in is basically if you leave out a lot of your hair instead of braiding it all up like you'd typically do for a sew in, you have to have a certain length of hair for it to work.

(Vixen Sew in Example)
Honestly they straightened my hair so well I would've gladly been happy with just that if I knew my braids would turn out looking as shitty as they do.  So it takes another hour for stylist #1 to blow dry my hair and get my hair prepped for the braids that's when another stylist started on my hair stylist #2.  I don't know what it was about her but it seemed like she was annoyed or bothered by doing my hair.  I don't know if that was just her personality or maybe she was having a bad day, and she couldn't decipher what type of style I wanted even though I had a bunch of pictures and I told her I wanted two big braids like a crown in the front and the rest smaller braids into one big braid.
(some pictures I showed)
 For some reason she was still GREATLY confused and kept asking how many braids I wanted, I kept replying I wanted a full head or a bunch of braids and she'd reply "so you want four big ones".  
I'm not a confrontational person, I try my hardest not to be rude, mean, etc because that's just unwanted stress/anxiety I don't need.  So I told her that's fine as long as I had the two bigger crown braids.  I assumed crown braids were what they were called but she didn't know what the term meant.  So we finally get to the braiding and they really loved the color of my braids and kept asking where I got them.  She gets started and it's hours now since I've arrived so I'm just happy that they're finally beginning.  I'm in the mirror as she's braiding the first one and it's nothing like how I asked, I wanted a big braid near my forehead what she does is a tiny corn roll.  She asked if that was the type of braid I was looking for or she could redo it.  I asked her to re-do it and the second time is only a little better but to save time and to be nice I told her I liked it.

So around the salon other clients are coming in and getting their hair done etc, another of their styles, a male stylist, arrived.  When I came they told me to set my stuff in a designated spot.  Somehow my stuff ends up scattered across the salon and of course I'm getting my hair done so I can't get up and grab my shit.  Somehow the male stylist finds my hat (an expensive fucking hat) and decides to put it on his greasy head as he's cleaning.  I notice it and I'm in shock, mind you this hat is new and I spent like 30 dollars on it.  So I whisper to stylist #2 that he's wearing my hat.  She tells the manager who quickly gets it back for me and hits the male stylist (jokingly), he says he thought it was the manger's hat or something like that.  When I get it back it's full of white marks and lint.   By this this I'm annoyed and ready to go but I try my hardest not to show it so I just fake laugh everything off. 

So stylist #2 is doing my hair and I notice she keeps redoing each braid, I'm all for being precise but while doing that she's stopping for minutes at a time to talk, walk around, switch the radio.  After every braid she stops for some reason.  It's like around 2-3 pm and I'm trying not to be mean but I got there on a bus & train, walked like four blocks in a sketchy neighborhood, I had other shit to do and the last thing I wanted was to walk back home at night in some place I barely knew.   I didn't think getting 4-5 braids like she insisted I get would take three hours. 

Then at the end I wanted one big braid that I'd be able to put over either shoulder or just put at the back.  She makes it so I can only lay it over one shoulder.  I've worn it like this for a few days now and it's impossible to do my make up without hitting the stupid braid.  I even managed to get foundation on the blond area because it won't stay to the back it automatically switches back over my right shoulder.  So now it's impossible to put on make up or wash my face because I'll have this fat ass braid in the way.  Then she tells me that this style should only last a few weeks.  Her tone was like she was giving me a warning like I shouldn't get my hopes very high.
 The pictures makes the style look a lot better in my opinion, but the braids are already unraveling that's my fault though for buying overly silky hair.  Also if you guys haven't noticed I have a huge head, very huge and shaped like a watermelon so getting this type of style was another dumb move on my part.  Pretty much this entire hairstyle was a disaster it reminds me of when I first got my hair done though this wasn't at a salon but by a woman who specialized in braiding hair.  She messed me all the way up.
me in 2011, the top was HORRIBLE
Nonetheless I already have a plan B, I recently purchased some virgin hair which I'll be installing once I get paid again, no fun colors just brown black.  I want to use this hair as a tester to learn how to style and take care of virgin hair so when I get blond, blue, or pink hair I won't be overly confused.  I got four bundles in a 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, and 22 inch in the "Malaysian" texture.  If I really like the hair it may make me want to finally do another YouTube review, but I doubt it.

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  1. Wow,so sorry you had to go through all that! It will be nice when you find someone who can do your hair the way you want to have it done.I think your hair is very pretty in the picture where you are wearing the gray and black striped jacket.♥ ☼†Colossians 1:20 KJV Regards-David