Waveya = sluts!

When I was a stupid little girl I was one of those people who'd see a woman in a short skirt, blond hair, hanging around boys, etc and would assume she was slutty.

Thank god I got older and learned.

So there's this Kpop cover dance group I'm sure many people know called Waveya, like hundreds of other dance groups nowadays they make covers, mainly for Kpop.  I have a love hate relationship with Kpop but that's another blogpost.

When they do covers it's mostly songs of Kpop girl groups and they typically dress provocatively.  In my opinion they dress like how most female dancers would, tight fitting clothing that's easy to move in.  But if you go to one their videos and read the comments all you'll find is perfect examples of slut shaming.  

Y'know, because if a girl decides to shake her ass in tight shorts that instantly means she's a slut.

Now I'm not saying Waveya aren't trying to be sexy, um, it's obvious.  They like to be sexy, they have great bodies (I'm jealous of), and it gets them views.  Why is that a bad thing?

Switch these girls with shirtless Korean pretty boys or handsome guys in general and all you'll see in the comments is pure thirst.  Some of the most popular Youtubers are guys with horrible personalities/bad videos but since they're cute they get views. 

Here an example of a comment left on one of their videos:

porn in 2 mintues.

It makes me wonder if that comment was left by either a child, an idiot, or someone whose never watched real porn before. 

There was a prank video of a guy kissing a bunch of girls on a street and yet the girls were the main ones being called sluts even though he kissed like fifty different people!  How the fuck that does that make the girls sluts?!

With the logic some people throw around today I'm not shocked STDs are still running rampant, just because a person dresses modestly or seems kind/trustworthy doesn't mean their some virginal saints.  That type of stupid logic will get you an std (or killed) in five seconds, it's reasons why people catch HIV from church pastors. [Newslink

It also pisses me off when people blame others for how they fuck they feel.  For example in schools the dress code is usually more enforced on girls because apparently boys just can't control themselves.


If seeing a girl's legs or a bra strap makes you oh so horny that you'll try to have sex with anything in sight you need to check yourself into a fucking mental institution. 

If it's 90s degrees outside and a girl wants to wear less clothing nothing should stop her.  It reminds me of when people try to use what a girl wore as an excuse for why she was sexually assaulted.  With that logic why do men, children, babies and old people get assaulted?  Do they dress like hookers too?  But that's beside the point.

I remember commenting on a YouTube video and being called a slut because of my profile icon.  Yes, blond hair and dark make up means slut!!11!11!11

Then every picture I take means I'm a dirty whore.

How you take pictures (or dance in Waveya's case) instantly determines how many people you've been with, duuuuuuuh. 

Pictures of me being a slut:

Yep, slut.
Big boobs = slut.
 Cleavage, total slut.
Of course.  SLUT!!!!
Yeah, and the funny thing is I'm in no way shape or form sexually active.  That could be the same case for some of the girls in Waveya but even if it's not it's nobody's business.

If you're a virgin, sorry, you're not a special snowflake.  Just like if you're having sex.  It doesn't make you any better then the next person.

I remember going to the emergency room once with my blond hair and dark make up on and during the check up the nurse lady refused to believe I was a virgin.  She wasn't even giving me a physical exam she just checked my temperature.  The bitch even gave me attitude when I repeatedly told her I had never been with anyone.

This even happens in media as we all know, I've seen this a lot in teen fiction.  I'm a writer/avid reader and growing up reading most books with a high school/teen setting you'll  always find that one troupe where the blonde cheerleader is a mean girl bitch or slut.  Nowadays in books geared toward older audiences (genre called new adult), there's always the virginal main character who ends up with a man whose been with a lot of woman.  But he's never deemed as the slut or whore he's a womanizer, pimp, player.  While the girls are disgusting "used up" whores.

Also let it be known that everything a girl does is apparently all to impress a man.

  1. wear make up = for a man
  2. wear a short skirt = for a man
  3. put in hair extensions = for a man
  4. get your boobs done = for a man
  5. take a sexy picture = for a man
  6. eat = for a man.
In Waveya's case it's make Kpop dance covers and wear revealing clothing; it's for men OBVIOUSLY.  Because if you're Asian you're supposed to be demure and submissive not sexy and powerful and not dress like how must other dancers would dress OBVIOUSLY!!!  In Korea all women only act like Kpop idols they're all completely modest and cutesy, DUUUUUUH.  Don't stoop to the level of black women, it's expected that they shake they're big asses and be overly sexual.
 Can you sense the sarcasm?



  1. Yessssss to this post. Can't believe people are still so ignorant and narrow-minded in this day and age
    Very cute photos btw ♥


  2. I'm a korean woman. The reason why korean women dependent in men is that they can't live well without men. Single women are very poor and temporary employe almost. So they are study hard and have plastic suegery for marrige good and rich men

  3. I'm legit pissed at the woman who refused to believe you were a virgin. Like... What the hell? Also, another thing I hate is, when people (especially guys) say things like, "Watch out black girls, white girls got booty now." Uh... so? How does that make black women have any less worth? Rant over, sorry XD.
    Long story short, I totally agree with you. You go with your cute self.