How I changed my face without surgey!

 2010 2014 
I've been debating on if I should make this post, simply because I'm embarrassed of my old pictures, like most people.  I normally go out of my way to hide them.  It's weird for me to look back at old pictures of myself because of how different I think I looked, especially in my late teens.  By no means do I think I was ugly, I wasn't, I was just average.  Nothing about me stood out, aside from my eye color, which in pictures doesn't seem all that amazing.  Your face typically goes through a change, during puberty and after but I feel like I helped my face change even more.  In the side by side picture above I look like a titan from Attack on Titan, it's not mine, it would've been immediately deleted.  

It was taken by a friend from college after a performance for my old dance team.  The picture quality wasn't great it blurred both our faces but for some reason she kept it, posted it on Facebook, and then tagged me.  It's hideous, obviously, but I'm not ashamed of it I'm actually proud of how much I've changed since then.  And still changing.  Back then I wasn't happy with myself especially at the time that picture was taken.  I was in college which was stressful as hell, lots of bad things happened that year, and I gained a shit ton of weight.  I think I've improved myself tremendously in the last four years, inside and out.

 Here's some easy tips if you're trying look better or if just can't afford plastic surgery lol.
Losing or gaining weight can change your face, I'm sure most people know this.  When I gain weight my face gets bigger, extremely big.  Even if I only gain a little weight, it happens to my mom too.  Losing just 5-10 pounds could make a difference in your face depending on your weight.  Right now I'm still not at my ideal weight, I want to lose 10-20 more pounds then I'll be completely satisfied.  Since college I've only lost 10 pounds but it's made a huge difference in how I look.
make up
Make up is a big reason I look so different in those pictures in the picture on the left (above) I'm wearing no make aside from some horrible eyeshadow and mascara, now my make up routine consists of full coverage foundation, bronzer, contour, eyeshadow, and I fill in my eyebrows.  Just doing those things have the potential to give you a new look.  Youtube was my biggest resource for learning to do make up, also Gyaru magazines/forums, and I practiced A LOT.  Even if I weren't going anywhere I'd still put on make up.  Don't be afraid to mess up, that's what cheap make up is for.
 eyebrow shape
 My eyebrows went through a huge change, I started off getting them arched super thin when I was in high school only because it was the trend at the time but I didn't necessarily like how they looked.  To put it simply thin eyebrows make me look mean, I think.  When I begun to wear make up I started to fill them in.  I've done a bunch of different eyebrow shapes but now I'm in love with thick straight eyebrows.  Inspired by the whole Ulzzang trend. 
 I don't think eyebrows are the only thing she changed. XD
I'm not afraid to admit I edit some of pictures, everyone does it nowadays.  I don't do it to the extent of someone like Dakota Koti, but I do abuse the blur tool and edit out pimples.  My favorite editors are Meitu Xiuxiu and Picmonkey.  Doing this not only helps the picture quality but it makes me feel more satisfied about how I looked.  Here's my edited pictures I took on Halloween. 
hair style
 Find the hairstyle that fits your face shape, right now I'm still working on that.  I do believe I look best with long/shoulder length hair with volume.

My face is such a square it's not even funny.
 healthy diet
My diet is UNHEALTHY but I'm sure if I stopped drinking Mountain Dew and eating junk food it would help with all my skin issues such as acne and dehydration wrinkles.
 Lastly is skincare, when I was younger I pretty much had no skincare routine aside from clean & clear acne wash every once in a while.  Then suddenly as I got older I started to run into a lot of issues such as dehydration wrinkles under my eyes, discoloration, dark spots, etc.  Running into these issues kick started my whole obsession with skincare and now I have a long routine that I do every day and night.  My skin has gotten so much better aside from getting random break outs which isn't something you really can control. 
In this picture I have on no make up and no editing, so you can see all of my imperfections.  And here are a few interesting skin care items I recently bought:
 I've been searching for an exfoliator that works really well and this one kept popping up, it has a lot of good reviews.  It's supposed to be a #1 beauty item in Japan.
This looks like a sex toy or something lol but it's a facial massage tool, it's supposed to remove wrinkles, smooth skin, and give you a smaller face.  The actual description states: helps relieve muscle tension and draws blood to the surface for fresh, younger-looking skin.  I did a lot of research on this item because on Ebay these range from $10-200 which I thought was strange, the catch is looking at where the item was made.  There are a lot of fake beauty bars which are made in China, to get the real ones you have to make sure they were made in Japan which is where the 24K Beauty Bar originates.  Of course that means the real ones are going to be more expensive, I bought mine for around $130 which sounds expensive but I believe it's a good investment.  I've used it a few times already and I love it!  Even if it does nothing it feels amazing, you put in a battery and it vibrates...like a sex toy.  XD
So far I've only used it on my cheek area, the vibrations are a little to much for my under eye area (they're very sensitive) I'm going to gradually work my way up.
These are THE BEST for removing blackheads.
I bought this by mistake, this is some Hyaluronic cream and I meant to buy the Olive eye cream which is a different version but it has better reviews.  I normally just use Shea butter under my eyes which has helped (it gave me ageyo sal!) but I want something stronger.
 This stuff is becoming one of my holy grail items, this is Manuka honey, a stronger (more expensive) type of honey.  I use this honey as a mask and put it on new acne pimples as a spot treatment.  I also eat a spoonful every night.  It tastes like you're eating caramel flavored cotton candy, I didn't like it at first but now I love the flavor.  The only con is this shit is expensive, one bottle can go as high as $70 but I think it's worth it.

I also randomly ordered from MAC, this is my first time buying anything from MAC so I went a little overboard, but I'm very happy with everything I got and will be ordering again soon.  I feel like I'm restocking for when I start making Youtube videos again. 
Mineralize skinfinish Gold Deposit, Mineralize skinfinish Natural Medium Deep, Blot powder Medium Dark, 224 Tapered blending brush
I'm still a work in progress, I'd like to start eating healthier and exercising so I don't think I look my best yet.  I tell myself I'll go to South Korea and get plastic surgery but not now when I'm older.  If my priorities are still the same.  


  1. You're so pretty! And have nice skin :) I'm going to try out your tips. I have a round face that looks bigger than usual because I gained over 30 pounds since I left the military lol Can you give an update after you've used that facial tool for a while? I would like to hear your opinion on it in further depth. Thanks for the post! :) <3

  2. Thank you! <3 And I'll definitely do a super in depth review on the beauty bar after a month or two :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lanelle,I think you are a beautiful girl.You have very pretty facial features and you look like you work out.You're all-around very attractive! So much so that I would be proud to be seen out in public on a date with you.Try to stay positive in your thinking and be happy!! :) ♥