What I got for Christmas!

Christmas was better then I thought it would be, it started out rough (me and my sister bickered) but it ended up being fun.  My sister loved all of the presents I got her, mainly Marylin Monroe stuff, she's obsessed with her.  I got what I asked for, a MAC gift card but she also threw in some Victoria Secret stuff. 

Basically we went to our Mom's house and just stuffed our faces with her cooking.  They treated this Christmas like Thanksgiving and really went overboard, not that I'm complaining, it was amazing.  My little brother even came to visit (he lives with my dad in another city) I was happy to see him.  He's gotten so tall (he's 16) and he's desperate to grow up.  I try to warn him, don't grow up too fast or before you know it you'll be miserable and spending all your money on bills. LOL
Here's my gifts.  In the Victoria Secret box is a candy shaped lipstick case, a lip gloss, and roll on perfume.  I already used up my gift card LOL. 
All of my mom's cooking, even the leftovers were awesome.
Me, mommy, and my favorite Simpson sweater.  She hated this picture because she wasn't wearing make up but I had to remind her I didn't have on any either.  I looked worse.  It looks like something is stuck in my teeth, there's nothing (it's a gap), I just have shark shaped teeth.  -_-
 Mom and little brother, another picture she hated but she doesn't read my blog so it's okay. LOL
 I gifted myself with a new desk which I put together with no help, it was an annoying process but once I finished it was totally worth it.  It'll mainly be my makeup area, I use to do my make up on the floor.  My shit is way too expensive to be on the floor.  LOL

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