Dipbrow pomade review/swatch! Granite!

I now have three Anastasia Dip brow pomades, including this new one I just got in the mail a few days ago.  So that includes Soft Brown, Auburn, and now Granite.  I like to change up my eyebrows depending on what color my hair is.  Recently I discovered a newer shade of Dipbrow in the color Granite.  It's basically black, a very dark black.

Some years ago I would always use a black Nyx eyeshadow to get my eyebrows as dark as possible.  I'm one of those people who likes the look of dark eyebrows with blond hair.  Blond is my favorite hair color, some people don't like dark eyebrows with light hair but I love it.  It's the only way I'd wear black eyebrows, with any other hair color, especially dark brown, it looks harsh on my skin tone.

Here's my brows in different lighting.

  • Color? Black
  • Price? $18.00
  • Consistency/Texture? It's thick so if you're too heavy handed it can be a little cakey, but I find that the more cakey it is the less your eyebrow hairs get out of place.
  • Does it Last? On me after a 10 hour day of working, taking public transportation, and walking a few blocks it's still on my face looking fierce.  My only issue is I'm extremely oily, it's like I dunk my face into a tub of oil.  So unless I powder my face in the middle of the day my brows start to get oily too.  When they do I just brush them gently with blotting powder and they're fine. 
  • Is it worth it?  Definitely, it's made in various colors, it lasts all day, and it comes with a lot of product that should last a few months. 
  • Swatch? Pic Below.