f*ck my life

I'm making this quick post to tell you guys why I haven't updated in a while.  Well to put it simply my life is exploding at the moment and I'm doing everything I can not too snap.  I recently went to my dad's house for a so called "vacation", nope, it just added more fuel to the fire.  And I might be fired from my job which is great since I hate my job and bad since I don't know how long it's going to take for me to find another one.  I've been looking like crazy.  Also a guy I've known for a few years, (we talked a lot but it never got to the boyfriend/girlfriend level) I found out he committed suicide.  Like yesterday.  We stopped talking a while ago but recently he tried contacting me through Facebook, even calling me but I ignored him, I'm trying not to think about it.  And lastly, I've gained a lot of weight, it's gotten so bad I'm resorting to diet pills.  I'm still working on my books, it's hard though, the stress and anxiety makes it impossible to write.  I do plan on to make a longer more in depth post once I have everything a little bit more figured out.  Thanks.


  1. Have you contacted a therapist yet? I have one and in times like this is great to be able to let it all out to someone who understands and has heard it all. I hope you start to feel better, find a new job and I'm sorry about your friend :( Sending good vibes your way!

    1. i've tried getting one it's difficult with little insurance and thanks I do feel a lot better <3

  2. Damn it's been a rough patch. i hope you don't get fired and if anything you find an even better job! hopefully you'll get some good news soon and everything will turn around