Becoming Barbie series? (weight loss)

If you've read my blog for a long time you would probably know I've always wanted to get into shape.  Trying to lose weight for me has always been for vain reasons, I want to be sexy, thin, and wear miniskirts.  But now it's morphed into this urgent need to lose weight or I'm at the point of no return.  Since I was teenager I've always been this one set weight, no bigger no smaller.  No matter how much I ate I never gained more this weight I was.  Until now.  I've been avoiding the scale for months until I really started to notice the change in my body so I weighed myself and found out I've gained twenty pounds.  Twenty pounds doesn't sound like a lot until you realize how tiny my frame was, so every little weight gain is obvious.  Mainly my face, arms, stomach, and thighs.  My clothes are tighter and uncomfortable, my thighs rub together, and my arms are just disgusting.

 I basically went from a skinny-ish sexy blonde (I miss my blonde hair) with a slight thigh gap to a no makeup wearing wide load.  I'm using my arm to cover myself so it doesn't look as dramatic but mind you in the full body picture I'm twenty pounds lighter.  I feel like an entirely different person, a person that isn't me.  Two years ago I was a lot more adventurous with my makeup, hair, fashion choices (somewhat).  Most of that has stopped, I only wear dark hair colors, I barely wear makeup, and my main choice of fashion nowadays is sweat pants and men's shirts.  As if that helps the social anxiety.  LOL.  I hate it.  I know this could be a by product of my depression, something I can't exactly control, but what I can control is my weight.  I can be sad or whatever, but I'd rather be sad looking cute than sad and ugly as fuck.  So I just came up with idea of making a blog series on my weight loss called Becoming Barbie.  Barbie as in transforming into a cute, sexy, and confident women.  I just came up with this idea on a whim but I think it's a great idea to keep myself on top of my weight loss.  I'll still make my normal posts as per usual but I'll do a Becoming Barbie post at least once per week even if the post is super short.

I already have a post I plan to make on these Slimquick pure diet gummies, I'm done taking them and will be doing a review.  And in my next Becoming Barbie post I'll reveal just how fat I am and my goal weight.
I think this'll motivate me to not give up, I already have a lot ideas for future posts so I'm excited about this (I'll probably do videos too but I'm not sure yet).  And it'll force me to stay active on my blog, I haven't been active on here or YouTube, I hate that but I'm working on it.


  1. How are the diet gummies working for you? And do you have an exercise plan? I am thinking about doing indoor soccer to get in shape. It's hard because I loooove pasta. I look forward to reading more about this becoming barbie series <3