Random haul & ASOS RANT!!!

I haven't done a haul in forever, I feel like my blog was full of them some months back so I want to share a super random haul of some recent items I've purchased and a short rant on the clothing store Asos.
 I'll start with my most expensive item, after months of wanting to get them I finally bought the Guerlain meteorites!  They're basically a very luxurious finishing powder that has micro shimmers embedded in each ball/color, they come in various shades and I got the darkest one Dore 04, but I think they're all pretty much translucent.  They are 62.00 but I don't regret my purchase, I have expensive taste LOL.  My only issue with them is the tin doesn't come filled with balls, it's not even half way full.  After reading a ton of reviews I figured out that it's actually standard for them to come like that.  They also have a smell that reminds me of baby powder mixed with a flowery perfume.  Nonetheless so worth it.
These things are actually blushes/highlighters, I got them from Topshop.  They're actually called Glow Domes, in the color Galactic.  What makes these so special for me is they look very reddish pink but they actually have a very blue undertone.  I've been on the hunt for a blue toned highlighter for a while and these are the closet I've gotten.  They are gorgeous, and super cheap.  Here it is swatched on my hand.
It looks like a completely different color, it has the prettiest iridescence I've seen in a highlight.  A mixture of blue and purple, but mainly blue.  It's a color fit for a mermaid I think, it's still available on Topshop for anyone interested.
I bought these sunglasses from eBay, I actually only chose the pink ones but the 2nd pair came as a free gift. :) The pink ones are a dupe for the high end and super expensive Miu Miu noir sunglasses that look like this.
These are cute and all but I didn't want to spend 200+ dollars on sunglasses, so I found the cheaper version on eBay for only around 20 dollars.
I've been watching a lot of Dragon Ball Z Abridged and randomly decided I wanted to buy something Dragon Ball Z related so I bought this DBZ bracelet, super randomly.  The orange balls each have stars on them like the anime, it's super cute.  Next I have to muster up the courage to buy an actual figure.
Even though it's expensive I really want this baby Goku figure, it's adorable and it even comes with the pod, it will be mine in the near future LOL.
I got this holographic hat from Apparel k, the print is from Neon Genesis Evangelion I'm sure anyone into anime could recognize it.  The shipping took forever, it was my apartment's staff's fault though -_- besides that I love it.
The last item I bought was these Bearpaw boots, they're called the Tama 2s.  The fur is so soft and I got them on a great deal, they're normally around 150 got them for 110.  It hasn't snowed yet but I wanted too make sure that this year I was ready for the winter.

Now onto my rant, I've calmed down since this situation happened but every time I think about it I get pissed off.  So it started with me purchasing a coat on Asos then as the transaction went through I suddenly got a message ON ASOS that the payment didn't go through and to try again.  So I contacted their chat because on my account the payment still came out.  They told me the order didn't go through, the payment is just pending and will go back on my account within a few days.  I made another order of the same item except with a different email because for some reason the coupon I used wouldn't allow me to reuse it a second time with my first email.  So I made the purchase and went on about my day expecting everything to be okay, then the next day I get an email saying my order shipped.

I'm confused because I thought it was cancelled.

So I contacted the chat again and they say, "oh it looks like it went through." :) :) :) :) :) :)

Well that's all fine and dandy but why the fuck was I told to re-order if the payment was going to go through anyways!?  Why did they tell me it was cancelled?!  If they hadn't told me to re-order I wouldn't have two payment coming out on my account.  It's frustrating because I have important things I need to pay for soon and now I have to: wait to get this item too ship it back, wait for them to refund it, and wait a few more days to get my refund!  I contacted chat a bunch of times (they don't have a number) and none of them would help me out or refund my money.  I even asked if they could speed up the delivery, nope!  I'm just shit out of luck!  I will never order from them again, my card shouldn't have been declined in the first place I'm sure it was a stupid error on their website.  I hate that store and they can kiss my ass!!!

Rant over, I just wanted to get that out my system, next blog post will be soon!  Thanks for reading!

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