What I got for Christmas & moving soon!

I'm typing this at two in the morning, Christmas has just ended and I'm so tired.  I didn't expect this Christmas to be as good as it was, I've been stressing out so badly the past few months.  I'm actually moving, in literally a week, into my own apartment.  My sister and I decided it's time we get our own places, I thought it was a good idea since I'll soon be twenty-four and it's time that I become more independent.

An actual adult.

Since October I was on the hunt for the perfect apartment which for me includes: updated appliances, close to my job, in a busy area, and very walker friendly since I have no car.  I went to a few apartment showings, they weren't exactly what I was looking for.  For example one apartment was DISGUSTING, I didn't want to touch anything I was so grossed out.  Dirt everywhere, clothes all over the floor, PISS stained on the toilet, and a dark dank kitchen.  It was horrifying.  The guy showing me the apartment said there was someone still living  there but would be moving out soon.  That didn't help whatsoever.  The place was in this scary building with cement floors, mouse traps were everywhere, and the laundry room was in the basement suitable for a serial killer.  It was a hell no as soon as my sister and I walked into that place.  From then on my showings got a little better but the apartment I was seeing were way too expensive for the bad quality I was getting.

I was becoming worried that I wouldn't find a place, my lease at my current apartment ends on Dec 31st, and I'll have no choice but to move.  My only option would be to move to my mom's house.  But, thankfully, I found an apartment!  It's in this quaint building right at the center of downtown, next to a bunch of businesses, and super close to my job.  It has everything I wanted, except, when I went to the showing the person who had the apartment had literally just moved out so it was still very dirty.  The person who lived there must've been a slob because they left it in a mess.  Especially the stove top and tub.  My landlord assured me that everything will be clean before I move in, which is standard procedure.  This is my first real apartment so I'm worried and stressing myself to death.  We move on Thursday and I still have yet to pack, here is all the empty boxes.
I'm getting all new future for my place and it's going to be a princess theme, yes, I'm a soon to be 24 year old.  But I've always wanted a pink princess room and this maybe my only real opportunity.  Once I have everything set up I'll definitely take pictures or do a video (I plan to get back into making YouTube videos), I'm using these pictures as inspiration.
This is kind of what I'm going for, expect more pink and less white.  I'm excited about decorating but it means doing overtime at my job which I'm dreading.  I'm still having eye problems and it seems it's mainly due to the strain of the computer at work.  My eyes only hurt when I come home from work, I read that taking fish pills helps ease the pain.  It has helped some but it's not enough, I'm still on the hunt for another job but I'm not looking as hard as I should so it's taking forever.  A lot of my stress comes from work but also my recent weight gain.  Yes, I've gained weight and it's showing.  I can't even look at myself sometimes because of the shock of how big I've gotten.  Eating bad foods combined with having a desk job is the worst mix.  I haven't been this big in a very long time and I'm insanely uncomfortable.  I hate this weight but I feel like no matter what I do it's all pointless.  When I get into my new place I'm trying again to lose weight and continuing with my Becoming Barbie Weight loss series, I'm not giving up on myself.

And technically yesterday was Christmas!  Like last year me and my sister opened our presents then we went to our Mom's house and had dinner with her and our brothers.  This year it was really fun, I didn't realize how much I missed my family.  And today we're going to see Star Wars!!!!!  I've been wanting to see it so badly, all the reviews seem good and it just looks like such a fun movie.  I can't wait, I hope it's as good as everyone is hyping it up to be.  And lastly here are my Christmas gifts, I'm obsessed with everything I got.
An emoji pillow, a pale pink Michael Kors cross body, and a silk hot pink Victoria's Secret robe (to pretend that I'm sexy in my new place LOL).   This was a good Christmas, I just hate that the year is ending I feel like I've accomplished nothing.  Like always.  


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  1. Can you install things on your work computer? If so, here are some things that might help with the eyestrain http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/tools-reduce-computer-eye-strain/ I've used f.lux and I really like it. Can't wait to see your complete decor:)