Scary 1st days in my new apartment...

So the first 2 weeks of being in my own apartment have gone by and right now it's great.  I have some new furniture, my Internet and cable are connected, and now I've grown use to all of the strange sounds that come with living in a city.  But it wasn't always like this, especially after the first few days of moving in.  Like any new place the first days were hard because I was in a foreign place, in a small studio apartment, and in complete silence since I had yet to get my cable service.  I kept hearing weird noises and I wasn't a fan of the bathroom.  I realized I should've asked more questions about the place and checked more things.  (I know for next time whenever I move again, check the apartment thoroughly during your showing!!!)  Thankfully I cleaned the apartment to my liking and everything started to go smoothly until....one night before going to sleep right when I was about to close my eyes...I saw a mouse!!!!  A fucking mouse!!!!!!  It ran across the floor and I screamed so loud I'm sure my neighbors woke up (it was like 2 am).  I was so pissed off because before moving in I was promised by the landlord that there was NO MICE.  So I literally just moved in and I already saw a mouse.  It wasn't a big mouse, but it was black and disgusting.  When I yelled it ran into my floor heater which is actually where it came from.  

So I didn't sleep at all that night and the first thing I did the next morning was go to the main office to complain and get help.  Thankfully I ran into the maintenance staff who were SHOCKED to hear that I saw a mouse.  They immediately came to my apartment and found out there was some holes in my heater which is how the mouse got in.  They sealed up the holes and since then I haven't seen or heard anything.  I'm still mad, I was promised no mice and yet I got one.  I haven't seen anything since the maintenance man sealed the holes, and I used peppermint oil in the area the mouse came from.  (It's a natural mice/bug repellent)  Still that wasn't a nice way to start my stay in this place, seriously.  I'm not sure I'll be here longer than a year depending on if I start making enough funds to afford a more high quality place.  Other than that, I actually like it here.  It's big, especially for a studio apartment in a city.  If it weren't for that mouse I'd say it was perfect.  It was a lot better than most of the other places I saw during my showings.  It was the biggest, cleanest, and cheapest. LOL  After that hellish mouse experience living here hasn't been so bad and I've finally started decorating!  As you guys know I wanted to do a princess/pink theme.

I found all of the pink furniture at Ikea at decent rates, I still have a lot to buy like a table, carpet, kitchen stuff, etc.  I now have room for my writing desk and a vanity, so I don't have to use my writing desk for both.  That big pink desk is my new vanity, it has a shit ton of room.  I didn't pay much for it but it feels so expensive.  The bird cage looking thing was an add on and it also feels super high quality even though it was only 30 bucks.  I seriously want to start the YouTube thing again and I want my apartment to be somewhat of a cute background. LOL  I want to blog way more this year, last year was just pitiful with only 12 posts. :(  So more blog posts are coming up, and I think I want to make a post about my incredibly sad love life since I've recently decided to rejoin Okcupid (I'm already regretting that).


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