Korean Skincare on DARK skin!

For the past two years I've treated my skin like crap with a half assed skincare routine.  Not to mention my horrible diet and stress, due to my health issues.  My skin has suffered and I'm starting to see the after effects in the form of premature/dehydration wrinkles, acne, huge pores, and extra oily skin.  I treated my skin like shit and now I'm paying for it.  My only skincare routine for the past few months was Dove bar soap and Almond oil.  

Yep, that's it.   

Recently I took one good look in the mirror and decided I want to have pretty skin again.  Before depression bombarded my life I was seriously getting into the whole skincare thing.  I was watching a lot of skincare routines and bought some Korean skincare products I really liked.  I even used an eye cream everyday.  Then at the end of 2014 I slowly stopped with my routine until I wasn't doing anything at all.  I'd wake up for work, wash my face with water, then put on some lotion and that was it.  So my skin is now at the worst it's been in a long time.  I used to only have acne issues and oily skin but now I have wrinkles.  WRINKLES!!  I'm 23 when I make no facial expression but as soon as I smile I go up to 43, yep they're that bad.  

At least I think so.  

Then again I can be a bit over dramatic, but nowadays looking extremely young is what's popular now.  Even girls who are barely out of their 20s are called old.  Although I think girls in their teens nowadays try (and do) look much older, just check Instagram.

The whole thing is pretty warped.  

The sad thing about this picture is Rihanna isn't old in the least.  How much is she supposed to age when she's still in her twenties.  Do they think she'll look like a grandma before the age of 30.  WTF?!  How is 27 old?!!!  How?!!  This comparison is utter bullshit!!  And people in the comments were like, "she is ageless omg!1!" "fountain of youth!"  "I want to look like this at 27"

You idiots 27 isn't old!!!!

Sorry had to rant a little. 

Anyways now that my skin is shit I've started a new skincare routine, a Korean inspired routine.  As a follower of Asian culture I've always known about the popularity of Korean skincare.  How there's supposedly a 10 step process and it gives Korean people flawless skin.  Especially Korean celebrities, most of them have amazing skin whether it be due to skincare or surgical procedures LOL.  My biggest skin "inspiration" is Fan BingBing, she's my inspiration in life to be honest.  She's not old, 33, but her skin is pretty much flawless and she's not Korean (Chinese) but she's uses lots of sheet masks.  I think I read somewhere that she wears two a day.
(I know this is a bit Photoshopped but still...)

(I  even tried to do a makeup look inspired by the makeup Fan BingBing did in this picture, obviously she and I are different skin tones and I have bigger a head, eyes, nose, lips... LOL)

So recently I bought a bunch of new products to start my "Korean" skincare routine.  I pretty much followed the generic formula.

1. Cleanser (Oil or Foam) 2. Exfoliator 3. Toner 4. Essence 5. Serum 6. Sheet Mask 7. Eye Cream 8. Moisturizer 9. Sleeping Mask 10. SPF

I have a mixture of Korean and American products, one warning about Korean products is they sometimes have a whitening agent.  The products I bought both have this which I didn't realize because they didn't say that on the product details. I doubt these products have bleaching ingredients (which is harmful to your skin), but I'm sure they'll possibly help with dark marks and discoloration. 

Cleanser ♥ Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser 
Exfoliator  ♥ Paula's Choice 2% BHA  
 (This is pretty much a leave on exfloliant)
Toner ♥ Thayers Rose Petal
(No alcohol)
  Essence ♥ Cremorlab Mineral Treatment
 Serum ♥ Olay Regenerist +   Timeless 
Vitamin C Serum
(I use one during the day and one in the morning)
 Sheet Mask ♥ SNP Bird's Nest
Aqua Ampoule Mask
(I also have some Innisfree masks on the way and will be trying others)
Eye Cream  ♥ Olay Eye Lifting 
Serum + Paula's Choice
Resist Eye Cream
(One for the morning + night)
 Moisturizer ♥1000 Roses
Moroccan Beauty Oil
(No longer use this due to the fragrance)
Aromatica Rose
Absolute Vital Fluid
  Sleeping Mask ♥ Holika 
Holika Wine Therapy
(Korean and it smells like candy)

There are some products that I use that aren't shown (because I'm lazy and didn't feel like taking pictures).  And I don't have a sunscreen yet because it's winter here in Minnesota and I'm rarely outside.  I plan to buy one before spring, I also want to make a homemade eye cream with honey and I might blog about it. 
(These are my worst wrinkle areas)
 (No photoshop, and I do realize I look like a boy which wasn't intentional LOL.)
From the pictures you can tell my main issues are acne, wrinkles, and discoloration.  I plan to do this routine day and night then maybe after a few months I'll come back and do an update.  

We'll see how this goes! 

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