The problem with AMBW, Black Women, & KPOP (RANT)

What inspired me to write this was that Crystal or thelovelyify made a video on the topic of AMBW (Asian man black women).  I always felt weird about it but never discussed it because I didn't want to offend anyone.  

But now I want to give my opinion on this.

Also another thing that prompted me to write this is a group I found dedicated to Korean music/entertainment and black women.  I'm not bashing anyone from that group (so I won't put their name).  This group basically highlights any positive reactions between K-artists/entertainers and black people (mostly women).  ANY.  Whether it be a picture of a k-artist/idol with a black person on their shirt, in the background, if they "like" a picture (via Instagram) with a black person, has a song with lyrics that maybe about a black person, dancing to "black" music.  Or just a brief stare at a black person (mainly women) caught on a fancam or whatever.  

Then the people on the forum will yell and scream "this (insert Kpop person) likes black women because of this!!!"

I want to say who cares, but apparently a lot of people do.  

Mainly black girls.

I definitely understand why a group like this exists.  

Black women don't feel appreciated and most of the time we aren't.  

We're the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to beauty standards while on the other hand if our features are on a white women then that's when they're considered beautiful.   So we have Kpop, this music genre full of these gorgeous boy bands.  These guys are normally very handsome, kind, respectable, etc.  (Or that's what they want us to be believe)  Not to mention K-dramas (and J-dramas) has this fantasy like example of how Asian men are.  Kpop music is great, no doubt about that, which is why it's so popular.  Especially to black people.  Not to stereotype but black people typically like r&b, hip hop, rap, etc.  Which Kpop is heavily inspired by so it's not hard to see why there'd be so many black fans.

What worries me about this is it's like SOME black girls who are fans of Kpop groups believe they need some type of approval from these Korean (Asian) men to be considered beautiful, desirable, etc.  

Like a pat on the back for black girls, "Yay we're actually liked!!" 

And I think that's incredibly sad and bullshit!!!  

It's like the ultimate form of thirst and it disturbs me.   You shouldn't have to have the approval of people to feel beautiful or wanted.  But when you're a teenage girl and see these "perfect" men say they only like "pale" skin you're going to feel like crap, that's human nature.

This is one reason things like AMBW exist, along with the fact that a lot of us have very low self esteem.  

NOT saying just because you like an Asian person or an idol you have low self esteem or anything like that!  

But some of these "idols" can even say the n-word, wear black face, and say they like pale skin a million times and there's still tons of black women who'd THIRST after them because they believe in this fantasy.  

Basically a fetish. 

So knowing that Kpop (Jpop) idols/celebrities are pretty much unattainable the attraction moves to normal Asian men.

AMBW is just a thin line between liking something and fetishization.

Having a racial fetish is liking a race based on stereotypes. 

I personally don't believe a relationship needs a label, I even hate the word "interracial" because it sounds like we're a different species or something.  And it's typically black women participating in these forums, videos, etc not Asian men.  (Unless it's a couple)


Even if I had an Asian man as my significant other it would feel odd putting a label on the relationship.  But I guess some people on social media use these terms so other people in similar relationships can find them and relate, I suppose.  Just because you're with a specific race doesn't make you better or a special snowflake, sorry.  It should be about the relationship not about "you're Asian and I'm black."  

Or maybe it's all in my head and it's not that serious. 

I'm not bashing anyone who supports the AMBW thing I'm just stating my opinion.

Just look at it this way if a white man created a group where they worship and fawn after black women based on stereotypical bullshit it'd be weird as fuck and racist.  I think they call it "Jungle Fever."  Can you imagine all the big ass and chocolate skin references.  YUCK.

Just because it has positive intentions doesn't make it good.


  1. I watched her video and I agreed with her. I used to be like that, I had a fetish with Asian men when I was younger but as I grew up, I became wiser. When I see an interracial couple, I become very happy because I love how color or culture has no borders on love. However, I understand where you are coming from because we're all human beings in the end right? We are all one human race, not different races. I think there should be another name/word for that. Anyways, I liked this post a lot. I don't know if latina girls do this too but I hope not. We shouldn't get approval from men especially to feel beautiful and appreciated :)