So this year I'm already sucking when it comes to keeping my blog updated, but I have a good excuse!  I've been BUSY, super busy.  I'm at the final stages of my book and i'm really concentrating on getting it done.  My goal is have to it out before the end of summer or at least by September.  That along with working my ass off at this stressful job and I have to save a bunch of money for the launch of my book.  

For a new cover, advertising, editing, etc.  

Yep.  All that.

When you self publish you yourself have to do all the tasks your publishing company would normally do.

So I've been busy.

But I wouldn't have it any other way and I don't think a publisher would want my trashy book anyways LOL.  It doesn't help that I've been having massive self doubts about the content and way I'm writing, but that's normal for writers.  Apparently.  If you aren't questioning what you write there might be something wrong.  I've been watching YouTube videos to help me get through this as well, specifically other writers with Youtube channels.  YouTube is amazing I swear, you can find anything on there.

I'll also be SELLING some stuff on Ebay to fund my book.  Like my limited addition Mac collections, my beloved Joyrich x Playboy purse, and some other things.  I'll make sure to make a post here so you guys are the first to know.  I have to save a lot of money in a short time span, so it's time to hustle.

My birthday was some days ago and I'm now 24, doesn't feel all that different from 23 LOL.  My family took me to dinner at this extra crowded restaurant called CRAVE.  It was okay, lots of kids were there for prom which made me think of my terrible prom.

Here's some foodporn pics.

 A very sweet rum drink.
 Steak frites, the fries were awesome
but the steak was too rare.
 A smores brownie dessert with vanilla
ice cream, which came free. :)

Kind of crazy to think I started this blog in 2010, SIX years ago at age 18.  I was such an immature little weirdo, just read my old posts they were so bad.  To be honest I never thought I'd have this blog for so long.

I don't usually keep up with things.

I'm happy I still have it, not just because I can look back on my life but also it's nice to have an online presence.  It may not be a big one but, especially as a writer, it helps.

I'm not where I want to be in life, living pay check to pay check, still fat LOL, no boyfriend, and book still unpublished.  I told myself that this would the year that I'd actually improve and move forward with my goals.

I still firmly believe I'll do that.

I'm just lazy.

And depressed.

So it's hard but I don't want to give up.

I'm nearly halfway through my twenties and by the time I'm 29 I want to be a successful beautiful women that other girls can look up too.

Right now not so much...

The only thing I've improved is my makeup.

My makeup style is more Instagram inspired nowadays, no more Gyaru. T.T  I took a break from doing my skincare routine, but only for about two weeks but I'm starting back up today.  It's improved my skin so much but I still have a shit ton of acne.  I'll still be doing an update on that plus reviews on some products, whenever I get around too it. 

I'm a lot more active on my Twitter, please follow if you like!



  1. I'm so glad you are almost at the last stages of your book~ Oh! And happy belated birthday!~ May all your wishes come true~ ^^hehe I'll be rooting for you~


  2. Happy late birthday! I also turned 24 recently, and feel you on that paycheck 2 paycheck :( quarter life crisis !! im interested in knowing more of your book :)

    1. thanks <3 yes i'm definitely in a quarter life crisis as well lol, i'll make a post on my book soon, thanks for reading! :)