i quit my job...

I did something today I wouldn't recommend anyone do.

I quit my job.

And I don't have another job lined up, don't do that.

So I'm jobless with enough money for me to live off on for two months.  No job interviews lined up, nothing.

When I quit I was shaking so bad, I didn't want to wait the two weeks I just wanted to get out of there and I did.  That was a knee jerk reaction, I probably should've stayed the two weeks but that job has done some serious mental trauma on me and I couldn't take it anymore.  One of my good friends who works there thought it was a good idea, she believes I'll be fine and I hope so.  I haven't told anybody yet, I'm trying to hold off until I get another job because I know they'll be upset.

I do feel happy with my decision, a relief.  I just have to work hard these next few days to find another job.


  1. I have done this before. It can be stressful not knowing when you are going to get your next paycheck or if you will find something that is better than the last. I am confident that you will though :) What do you want to? I left an office job to be a waitress and despite having anxiety, I have done pretty well. The money is awesome and the flexibility is great as well. Plus free food ^_^

    1. Thanks for commenting, I think being a waitress would be an awesome job i'll look into that :) Desk jobs are the worst and call centers lol.

  2. Try a temp service if you need a job soon, I'm sure you have some good experience under your belt now so it shouldn't be hard to find a better one.