Dealing with Trump Anixety: POC Girl Edition

When I found out Donald Trump won the election it was like all the air in my body sucked out of me.  I was stunned.  This orange moron is going to be running the country for the next four years, if he makes it that far.  From the reaction on Twitter I obviously wasn't the only one who was upset.

Seeing that map, all the red, it was a horror movie come to life.

Now people are confused, scared, and worry for the future.  POCs especially, let's be honest most white people don't have shit to worry about unless they're disabled or apart of the LGBT community.  

They can breathe a sigh of relief, how nice.  They got they're dictator and I wish they were the only ones who had to deal with him.  Unfortunately that's not the case.

I made a list of what we can do to stay sane during this four year period.  Anyone can take this advice but I'm gearing it specifically toward black, Muslim, Mexican, Asian, Native American, and any POC girl that will have to deal with that clown.

1. Accept it. (or don't)
He won.  That  solidifies the fact that America
is still a cesspool for bigots, racists, (idiots). 
But let's be honest when hasn't these people
existed?  That just know how to hide.  Maybe
with Trump as president they think they can 
come out of hiding but whether they do or 
not we as Americans will fight back.  
Like we always have.

2. Get your emotions out.
Whether it be through social media, journals,
blogging (like me), art, make up, media, talking,
eating, crying, sex (yes sex but be safe lol),
shopping, sleeping, sports.  Whatever.
Get all the emotion out now, don't bottle 
it up, don't let it fester. 

3. Go off the grid.
Basically stay away from Twitter, Facebook,
News sites like stupid Yahoo (what I've
done is make my yahoo mail page my home
page so I don't have to go through yahoo.com
(where all the Trump articles are.)  It just takes
me directly to my mail.)  Pretty much avoid any 
online or social media that may 
bring up Dumbfuck aka Trump.  

4. Get help.
If you're intensely scared that it's effecting 
your sleep or health GET HELP.  Try to 
speak with a psychiatrist and if you can't access
or afford one call one of the many help hotlines
that exist.  There's also chat for people with
anxiety speaking to someone over the phone.
Don't harm yourself please you have a lot 
to live for!
1-800-442-HOPE (4673)

5. Don't feed the trolls.
It's not worth it, seriously.  Pointless arguments
won't change the outcome.  Don't entertain them,
use your time to help you not them. 

6. Ignore all Trump Rhetoric.
It'll be hard, especially now in these first few
weeks but ignoring it will make you feel more at 
ease.  Ignore sites that you know are triggering,
don't claim that fucker.  Use a website blocker, hell
even get rid of cable and save yourself some money
along the way.  Don't give him anymore views,
being in the media is how he won.

7. Do research.
Research what exactly a President can and can't do.
Don't believe everything you read, avoid sites
that promote fear and hate.

8. Move.
You read right, move.  People are making this into a
joke but I'm serious if you have the resources do it.  You
don't have to move to an entirely different country.  
Move to a better state, town, neighborhood, etc.  Don't 
feel bad about wanting to move, only you know what's
best for you.  It's your life, your decision.  If you don't
have the funds, save money.  Give yourself time, at least
six months,  and research places thoroughly.  
If you're still unsure try to do a study 
or work abroad type program.

9. Protest.
Yes protest, we as the people make a bigger difference then
we ourselves realize.  I myself am too anxious and scared
to ever do a protest, but, maybe one day.  Especially at 
this critical time.  I deeply believe in pro-choice and if that
soon becomes illegal I will consider protesting.  Just be safe.
Remember whenever black people protest we're seen as wild
animals.  Also look up creative ways to protests, 
throughout human history there's
 been countless successful protests
that don't include marching.

10. Improve yourself.
Get healthy, get fit.  Take vitamins, exercise, create a
skincare routine, get your hair/nails done as often
as you can afford.  Take long baths, 
get your yearly checkups, dye or 
cut your hair.  Wear colorful wigs, go natural, 
drink tea.  To sum it up, get prettier.  Focus on 
improving yourself, inside and out.

11. Make goals
In four years I will be a bestselling author (my book), 
with a gorgeous weave, clear flawless skin, wearing
lounge wear to work, taking care of my family, 
and whose book will be in the process of 
becoming a movie.  Okay... that's a lot.  But 
what's wrong with having big goals?  I'm not 
letting anybody stop me from accomplishing
what I want.  I wrote will because if you truly
believe it, it'll happen.  I've been reading a book titled
The Magic of Believing, by Claude M. Bristol
and it goes into great detail about this philosophy. 
Make short and long term goals for the next
four years that will help brighten your outlook
on the future.  No matter big or small.  Don't
settle for misery.  I've done this many times and
I'm still a work in progress. 

13. Protect yourself.
Not everyone knows how to get buck lol I
myself am not much of a fighter.  Buy a taser,
pepper spray, or a stun gun.  Anything that will
make you feel safe.  Especially my girls who
are Hijabis, I hate to point them out but I feel
like they're easy targets.  And girls who take public
transportation.  Now "certain" people are about to 
start feeling bold.  Even before Trump I've been grabbed
by men before, on Election day funnily enough
I had to run away from a guy while going to
work because he wouldn't take no for an answer.

14. Don't fear the future 
even if it seems bleak.
We don't know what the future holds, no clue.
People are worried about war, deportation, gender
rights, gay rights.  It's scary times.  It sucks worrying
about what we can't control.  Honestly there's no way
we can predict what's going to happen, unless
you're psychic.  Take it one day at a time, tell your
 loved ones you love them everyday.  Pray, meditate,
chant, what ever you do for your faith. 

Just don't lose hope.

15.  And remember stay calm.  
Stay focused.
Continue to live life.  It'll seem like the end
of the world, but, truly it's not. 

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