not ready for the new year!

 Drinking lots of coffee is one of the few things keeping me sane.  This is my new-ish coffee mug, basically me as a mug. (it even has the beauty mark LOL)

I've been stressed like crazy, work isn't hard but it's annoying and my eyes have started hurting again since I'm back looking at a computer monitor 8-9 hours a day.  I've finally started finishing up my draft for my book but I'm not sure if I'll get it done by January.
 I'm trying, only 40,000 more words, maybe.  I also finally went to the dentist after 9 YEARS and it's as bad as I expected.  I have to get a root canal and I have far more wisdom teeth than normal, apparently.  My parents are freaking out because all of the procedures cost A LOT but if I don't get it done I'll have real issues in the future.  Haven't exercised for almost a week and I feel sluggish and fat.  I need to get back on my grind, I have 9 more pounds to lose.

If you follow my Twitter you'd know I didn't gain, thankfully, which shocked me.  Even after Thanksgiving no weight gain.  I believe it's because my metabolism is much faster.  If this were before I started losing weight I definitely would've gained at least 5 pounds.  So that's one good thing.  Christmas is coming up and I still have yet to buy any Christmas gifts, I'm trying not to think too much on it because I know I'll get them soon.

I've been itching to re-start my YouTube channel, I can't this month but if I get my new camera by January that's when I'll start.  I'm amazed I've gone so long without making videos, I miss doing it so much and I can't wait to start back.  I wonder if any of my old subscribers will even remember me, I had almost 2,000 before I stopped and made a new channel.  Not sure if I'll do makeup tutorials but I do want to focus on Asian beauty products because that's the kind of stuff I like.  On my old channel I did too many wig reviews and it kind of took over my channel.  I don't want it to be like that again.  I have so many ideas and almost no limitations since I live alone.  I hope this time around my personality shines through. LOL


I literally cannot waste any day I have so many huge goals that I need to get done so I bought a planner, the first one for me.  Normally I'd just buy a notebook and put in to-do lists but this time around I wanted a real planner and even got a matching phone case.  They're both from the brand Ban.do.
 It's bigger than a standard planner, I hope it lasts me a long time.  I got it on black Friday for 16.00 normally 32.00. 

 Also got my braids a few weeks ago, hated it at first but now I love them! #bighead
 Messy Makeup!
No makeup but a greasy face!
It's weird posting completely unedited pictures but my skin has gotten so much better.

Next post maybe the last of the year! :)

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