100 pounds = goal weight?

My life is spiraling out of control, as usual.  I can't control anything in it but what I can control is my weight.  I'm still losing weight, the last time I checked I weighed 118 which would equal 35 pounds lost so far but I'm not satisfied, especially with my legs.  I want to lose more weight until I see a real difference in my body.  Honestly my goal weight started at 130 then 115 then 110 and now I want to see how I'll look at 100 pounds.  It sounds crazy until you realize I'm only 5'2, super short and most of my life I thought I was 5'4. 😂

I know the fitness-muscular-hourglass-big butt shape is what everyone seems to be striving for but I've always wanted to be model thin.  I remember collecting W magazine when I was a kid and dreaming that one day I'd be a super model, or look like one.  Considering my height I don't see anything wrong with being 100 pounds especially if I'm getting to that weight with healthy dieting and exercise.  I don't think I could maintain it since my weight changes so much, but still, it'd be interesting too get to it.

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