I hate that I have to make this, I've never wanted to beg for anything especially not online.  Basically what's been going on with me is I've lost my job.  I'm currently unemployed and going through the process of getting benefits.  I lost my job due to my mental illnesses and soon I'll be starting a program that may or may not help me.  Right now I'm dead broke and I'm not sure when I'll get any money, going through the whole unemployment benefit process is taking forever and the payments won't be much.  If everything goes right ill have a lot of time on my hands my goal is to update my blog everyday or at least every other day and keep my YouTube channel updated.  I'm glad to have this time, I need it.  It's been tough, I've broke down so many times and was prescribed more antidepressants by my doctor, I''d write more about it but I hate to make constant depressing posts. 

The point of this blog post is tell you guys I need help, I have no money currently and my bills are due and there's a good chance I'll be evicted.  My family has done all they can and I'm trying to find other methods of making money.  I set up some donation links on my sidebar, anything will help.  I kind of feel like a failure for asking for anything.  Once things get better I'll remove the donation links.  For now I'll keep you guys updated here, I might make a video about this but I don't want my channel to get depressing too LOL.

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