My current weight loss pics - Before/After

Never thought I'd be posting something like this.  When I first started losing weight I was hopeful I'd stick to it but I was expecting to quit like I always do.  I don't know what changed this time around (aside from the desire to wear cuter clothes and a bathing suit).  This isn't my final before and afters I still have more weight to lose and once that happens I'll do a long post and a video on everything I've done so far.  The difference is crazy, I didn't expect it to be this stark but I'm glad my hard work has paid off.  The after pictures were kind of spur of the moment and I was actually bloated but you can't really tell.  I want to work on getting a smaller waist, I always thought of myself as curvy but the more weight I lose the more I seem to be morphing into a stick. 😅

(that weird noise at the end is me laughing at myself 😂)


  1. OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING! I have to know your lifestyle changes. I lost 10 pounds last month. Not a lot but I'm still excited and curious about learning more about weight loss. haha looking forward to seeing more of your posts

    1. Thank you! :D I plan to make a video on everything I've done hopefully soon.