6 pound weight gain

My 25th birthday was underwhelming because I let my anxiety get in the way.  I mostly just ate like a pig over three days with little exercise.  I try not to check my weight too much but I checked it today only too find out I gained 6 pounds.  I'm trying not to let it get too me but it only solidified why I have such a small goal weight, it's because it takes only one bad meal for me too gain weight.  I'm annoyed because I was at my first goal weight.  So now I'm going to be strict with the diet and exercise, truthfully I haven't been as strict as when I first started.  I feel like if I had been I probably would already be at my final goal weight.  I was going to make that how I lost weight video but now it doesn't feel right doing it just yet.  The weight gain seems to mostly be in the stomach, which is my problem area. 😴 My fear is to be back at the weight I was, it was so uncomfortable and I never want to be that big again.  I even ordered some new jeans (haven't worn jeans in forever) I hope they fit right.  Maybe I'm being over dramatic it could be water weight, still I'll be working hard to get back where I was.  I literally took this picture some days ago, not sure why my underwear looks like something from the 90s.😅

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