gyaru BEFORE/AFTERS + thoughts on change

This old post of mine from 2011 kind of inspired me to make this, it made me want to do a "where are they now" type thing.
Ka-tan/Kanae Watanabe
Safe to say she's no longer gyaru whatsoever, still cute though.  I've followed her blog for a while and I believe she owns her own business that deals with some type of trucking, not sure exactly but #girlboss.  Also judging from her Instagram she seems to be doing race car/promo modeling.
 Nicorun/Nicole Abe
Her change is like most "retired" gyaru models where it's now about dark hair, natural brows, and light eye makeup.  She's younger than me which means she started gyaru as a kid basically.  I wish I could give an update on her life but sadly I can't read Japanese😥.  It seems she's still doing modeling from what I can see from her blog.
I feel like her and Kanako were the mascots for gyaru if that makes sense.  Every gaijin gyaru knew them, their look made them super recognizable.  Romihi now models in Scawaii magazine which I never read (I need too).  I believe it's a magazine geared towards trendy girls in their twenties, what I'm trying to be.  I don't think she and Kanako are as close as they were in the gyaru days (sorry if I'm wrong) simply because neither have pictures of each other on their social media.  It happens, especially as we get older.  We drift apart from people once our lifestyles change, it happened to me. 
 (The picture on the right is a screenshot of a video not a picture that's why she looks cross eyed 😅)
Her eye makeup is legendary, I wanted my makeup to look just like hers but it seemed impossible.  Her eye makeup is still amazing, not as dark but she still stands out.  (also no tan or crazy nails)  I know she stopped doing porn along with another popular AV gyaru (I can't remember who).  She now goes by Mami which I think is her real name. 
 Kanako Kawabata
 (I got the image on the right from her blog)
I loved her because her look was unique and she always seemed energetic and happy.  Nowadays her style is a lot more tame and she doesn't seem to model anymore (she's a DJ now I think).  I believe she went through a rough patch, not sure what exactly.  

I use to be one of those people who hated change, I like to stay in my comfort zone and not have anything disturb it.  Even now I still struggle with that.  With gyaru I hated how tame my favorite models were becoming.  I'd think "why do they look so boring?  Gyaru is about being wild and sexy not blending in."  Now I understand more than ever that people grow out of certain "phases" whether it's a style or in life in general.  Nothing will stay the same forever if it did that would be depressing.  

For me I'm realizing shit has to change if it means any type of growth.

Personally I've gone through so much change in the past two years from quitting my horrible job, too losing weight, then seeking help for my depression.  All of this wouldn't have happened if I decided that I didn't want to change.  If I were the old Lanelle I'm not sure where I'd be right now.  My life use to go at a snail's pace because I was afraid of getting out my comfort zone.  All you have to do is read my old posts and see how many times I'd list my goals but never did them.  Right now although life is hard as fuck I'm still optimistic about the future because I'm actually doing shit for once.

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