2017 GOALS Update?

It's 10 pm and I can't sleep (Yes I sleep early and I'm still doing my social media ban so I don't have Instagram or Twitter to distract me.) so I want to do a 2017 goals update.  I would say mid-year but we're in August.  ALREADY. 😭 This year is flying by and I can't keep up.  At the beginning I made a long list of goals and I guess I'll let you guys know where I'm at with them.

1. Publish no matter what! ♔ Right now I'm editing, I've come really far this year in terms of this book.  I don't know if I'll be published by the end of the year but as long as the book is DONE I'll be happy.

2. Re-start YouTube channel ♔ I did this for a few months then things got heated with one of my videos so right now all my videos are on private.  I do plan to get back to my beauty channel but only when I get a job.  It's sort of impossible to have a beauty channel with no money because I can't buy new products, etc.  I'm most interested in vlogging but we'll see.  My writing channel is doing GREAT surprisingly, my first video is about to hit 1k views. 😏

3. Get Fitter ♔ I'm doing well with this I think.  I don't check my weight often anymore but I still watch what I eat and I exercise as often as I can.  My stomach is so flat now I can't even believe it, when I get back to YouTube I will definitely be making that "how I lost weight" video.  I will say I need to improve my eating habits.  For example I eat one big meal a day and have a bunch of snacks and coffee around that and I don't eat enough fruits or veggies.  My stomach constantly hurts whether i've eaten or not. 😭
 This is still very accurate although I weigh even less now, I'll take updated pictures soon.

4. Learn Japanese ♔ Nope.  Haven't even tried to learn I'll admit and it's really annoying because I've always wanted to learn the language and I do have the time right now.  Hopefully I'll get to it.

5. Choose a Japan Study Abroad Language Course ♔ Another big NOPE.  Haven't done much research on any programs simply because I have a lot of unfinished business here in America.  Of course I still want to (and will) go to Japan.  I'll never give that up.

6. Improve style ♔ Sort of, but this is kind of hard to do with little money but I think I've been dressing much cuter than I have in years because of my weight loss.  I want to change my real hair so badly.  Either a trim, color, or both.  I'm waiting to start work again so I can get the money to have it done professionally.

7. Stay consistent with skincare ♔ Funnily enough even though I don't have much to work with the few products I do have really WORK.  My skin has never been better and I only use five cheap products.

8. Get help ♔ Another sort of, I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday but I should have scheduled this ages ago as well as a ton of other appointments but I'm working on it.

Short-ish update, we'll see what the rest of the year brings. 😅😉😏

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