what now?

My 25 year old life has been incredibly uneventful and yet I still manage to go through crazy amounts of ups and downs.  Right now I don't know where i'll be in about two weeks if that makes sense.  I still have no job and only enough money to last me two weeks if I'm lucky.  I haven't contacted my family or friends in months because I'm going through a weird depressive hermit phase.  I'm calm only because I have antidepressants, without them I'm afraid of what I might do.  I have job interviews set up and was even offered a job but sadly this was a part time minimum wage job which could barely pay my rent.  When I applied I thought it would at least be full time, so I'm panicking, as usual.  I'm tired of being stuck, even though I've accomplished more than I thought I would this year it seems like no matter what I do I still end up in the worst situations.  I'm praying that everything will be okay.

Fingers crossed. 


  1. Any update? Did you contact your family/friends for help?

    1. I haven't contacted anyone yet (I know I should) but I have found a job, it's part time but better than nothing. Thanks for asking! : )