what's been up?

Life has been rough which is why I haven't updated in a while; stress, depression, etc. Currently I'm not working and I'm no longer in that mental health day program due to it causing me more stress then I could handle. So now I'm unsure what to do except live day by day as best as I can. Meaning working out, eating healthy, and working on my book (also figuring out my job situation). I know shit can be worse so I refuse to be all "woe is me", I've gone through worse in my life and I'll get through this. 

Also I'm 26. 

I didn't do much for my birthday aside from going to Ihop but that's all I wanted I'm just happy I've made it to 26, never thought I would to be honest. As of today I'm doing a social media hiatus/ban until I get my life somewhat together, which means until I make real progress on editing my book. I don't need distractions and Instagram and Twitter distracts me like crazy. For some reason YouTube isn't as bad. 

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