How I lost weight! (the first time) 45 POUNDS!

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time and I'm finally getting to it. (I actually wrote this once and it got deleted 😑)

Anyways in this I'll explain exactly what I did to lose weight. The picture says I started at 153 pounds but in reality I was much bigger possibly almost in the 160s. I avoided the scale out of fear. In total I got down to 108 (mostly due to being sick) but stayed for a while at 115.

I've tried losing weight many times but nothing really stuck. In 2016 after leaving my hellish job I realized how big I had gotten. It was a desk job and I was always eating fast food and junk food. My goal was to at least get back to what was my "normal" weight, 130 pounds. I didn't think I'd lose as much as I would. I lost so much weight my family members were startled at how fast it happened. For the first time in my life I was losing weight and it was somewhat easy.

Here's what I did:

  •  Used Stevia as sweetener.
  • Started a strict low carb diet.
  • Rewarded myself with cheat meals often.  
  •  Began drinking zero carb soda and meal replacement smoothies.
  •  Began intermittent fasting meaning I didn't eat at work (for 8 hours).
  • Started exercising daily (or as often as I could using fun dance routines).
  • Stayed motivated by following other people on similar weight loss journeys.
  • Started drinking lots of coffee with coconut oil. Yes coconut oil. (It helps with weight loss, keeps you full, boosts your immune system, and gives you energy).
  •  Lastly taking "before" pictures also helped me stay motivated because I couldn't wait to take ones after I lost the weight. I'd be careful with comparing too much with other people who've lost weight or who you view as "body goals" because everyone has different body shapes, etc. Not to mention people nowadays Photoshop heavily and you could be comparing yourself to something that's not even real.
That's it.

And my results were amazing, in total I lost 45 pounds and the weight came off rapidly. Too rapidly, I was thin for the first time in my life but I wasn't fit and I made lots of mistakes. The biggest was I didn't drink enough water, eat enough vegetables, and relied too much on artificial sweeteners. Also I only did cardio. The result was a constant bloated stomach and nausea. I only felt fit after exercising and once I ate anything my stomach swelled up. At the moment I'm 126 pounds which is a perfectly fine weight but I feel uncomfortable so I've decided to start another weight loss journey (or lifestyle change really). My goal is 115 pounds, I'm 5'2 for reference. 

Hopefully this is helpful for anyone wondering how I did it. 💗

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