Today I wore a crop top since it was almost 90 degrees and on my way to Walmart I got grabbed by a strange man who was trying to hit on me. He wouldn't get out of my way even though I obviously wasn't in any, way, shape, or form interested. 

Why do men do this? 

Why can't they take no for an answer?!

This has happened to me throughout most of life, even as a little girl I've been cat called and harassed. Once on my way to the library at age 12 (at most) a bunch of construction workers cat called me and it was bizarre. I was a kid, a very naive kid at that so I didn't understand what was happening. I've been harassed so many times in my life it's sad really. Once I even had to run away from a guy who wouldn't leave me alone.

I want to dress sexy because I'm transforming into a more confident women, but as a person who takes public transportation everywhere I can't or I'll risk being harassed by men and it's fucking annoying! 

Even without dressing sexy or "revealing" I still get harassed which is why I always carry a taser. I would carry pepper spray but I'm afraid I'll accidentally spray myself 😭. Fuck any man who can't take no for an answer, who acts like they're entitled to a women's body, who get angry when you tell them no, who force you to give them your number. 



  1. literally me with the pepper spray.
    I'm sorry this happens!
    I honestly would be the same, I hardly ever go out but when I do I'm usually in the car driving from place to place, right? but when I gotta get out and walk, that's when I get cat called by 30+ year olds. I honestly look like a child and don't have much to look at.
    I once gave them finger to someone and he literally gasped lmfao
    I went up to a old mans car like "what do you want? I'll call the cops on you" in spanish. I don't get what some men want, like what do they expect?
    It can be very suffocating to be a woman. I'm too blessed that I don't have to go out and if I do, I'm mostly driving or with my mom or with my boyfriend.
    Which you could press charges on that man, but I doubt a police officer would take it seriously :/
    Hope it gets better for you! Stay safe xoxo

    1. I definitely need to get a car soon (and my license LOL) but yeah men can be so gross sometimes, I'm glad you at least have people with you when you go out, that helps so much. You stay safe too :) and thanks for commenting!