what not to do during a tough time (and what to do)

So once again life has gotten tough and I'm going THROUGH IT. My money is running out, I'm having suicidal thoughts, weight gain, possibly getting evicted, still jobless. I'm so stressed I've been having weird dreams where I always wake up yelling. My skin is acting up, my piercings look gross because they refuse to heal, and I'm definitely shaving my head again.

I'm at a low point in my life right now and I'm doing everything you shouldn't do when this happens😑. I've drowned myself in Twitter and Instagram, ignored my personal hygiene, stopped working on my book, stopped exercising/eating healthy, thinking constant self loathing thoughts, and acting as if worse case scenarios have already happened.

Being scared and worried isn't going to help the situation it's just going to put you even deeper in a black hole when in reality you can be creating solutions. 

Here's what you should do instead:

STAY AWAY from social media, seeing the "highlight reel" or the best moments of other people's lives is not going to help you when you're going through something. It's just going to end up making you feel worse.

Stay way from bad news in general and I mean actual news, it's entire purpose is fear and to make you believe the world is ending. Stay away from it, except the weather (go to weather.com).

Journal, it sounds simple but it's nice to get your thoughts out of your head.

DON'T ignore the problem, make solutions to eventually fix it.

Talk to someone you trust and who will gladly listen.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF exercise, brush your teeth, take your meds, clean your space, get some rest, wash your ass! I started playing the mobile animal crossing game and it's magical, when I play it it calms my nerves down so much. Pokemon go too!

Plan for the future so the shit you're going through is less likely to happen again, for me that means saving money and making sure I find a job that I won't hate in 6 months.

These are my tips, they're probably not life changing but it's better than wallowing in self pity.

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