Hi!  My name is Lanelle, online I used to go by Lain BarbieEyes, sometimes I still call myself BarbieEyes.  It's a nickname given to me by a family friend.  

Birthday: 04/29/92 

I'm obsessed with makeup, J-fashion, Asian beauty, Youtube, and I'm working to become a self published author.  This blog originally started as a way for me to document my journey to become a Gyaru (a type of fashion/lifestyle mainly in Japan)  in 2010.  Now I use it mainly to rant, vent, review make up/fashion, and document the ups/downs of my life.  That includes my constant battles with depression, anxiety, and keeping a job.  

Send me an email at me at foreverloggedon@yahoo.com, right now I'm open to do any sponsorships or reviews.  Any emails welcome!

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